Saba Qamar's birthday celebration at the Edhi Centre is a reminder to include everyone in our happiness

Saba Qamar's birthday celebration at the Edhi Centre is a reminder to include everyone in our happiness

The actor shared videos from her visit as she cut the cake and spent her birthday with children at the centre.
08 Apr, 2022

When we think of celebrity birthdays, we often think of cake, presents, parties or even lavish international trips. For actor Saba Qamar, this year she spent her birthday with some very special people, making them part of her celebrations. She celebrated her birthday at the Edhi Centre, spending the day with the children there.

The actor shared clips from her birthday on April 5. She celebrated the day at the welfare centre and "made the most" out of her day. The actor wrote that this year it hit her "hard in the head" when she thought of people who do not have family to celebrate with.

"Every person has to have some memories to recall as the time passes so I decided to make the most out of my birthday - every year we spend so much time, money celebrating our beautiful days with our loved ones which is so adorable in so many ways, but this time it hit me hard in the head when I thought of those people who do not have any family to celebrate their days?" wrote the Mrs. and Mr. Shameem actor.

She also wrote that the reason she visited the Edhi Centre on her birthday was to celebrate her happiness with some "beautiful angels" — referring to the children at the centre — to bring a smile to their faces. "I tried my best to leave them with happiness and I hope to see them again Insha Allah very soon because they've taken a promise from me," she said.

The 38-year-old actor ended her post by encouraging everyone, including her followers, to take out time to spend with these young children because "they are the ones who deserve this the most".

Qamar's video is a reminder for all of us to consider the people around us and share our happiness with them. Of course, there's nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday on your own or with your friends, but if you have the opportunity, you might want to think about celebrating with people who often have little to celebrate.