5 iftar deals to satisfy your cravings after a full day of curbing them

Published 07 Apr, 2022 12:44pm

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All you can eat buffets, buy-one-get-one-free options and three-course meal deals with desi, fast food and fine dining options.

Photo: Chop Chop Wok, Jardin and Tacocat/Instagram
Photo: Chop Chop Wok, Jardin and Tacocat/Instagram

The month of Ramazan may be a month of fasting and keeping cravings at bay but you've got to admit we spend much of the day thinking about dinner. Skip to sunset, when the time to break the fast arrives, all we want is something that not only kills the hunger but also excites the tastebuds. Some days there's energy to cook a dish that does both but other days you need someone else to take care of it for you.

Be at ease, dear reader, we bring you five options to splurge on to get the food coma of your dreams after a full day of thinking about your favourite food.


Photo: Tacocat/Instagram
Photo: Tacocat/Instagram

Tacos, anyone? An endless stream of tacos? Tacocat has got a great offer for you this Ramazan — all you can eat tacos! Why choose between flavours when you can taste them all and have as many as you like? We may be far from world peace but to get on that inner peace train, all you can eat tacos seems like the right track.

Price: Rs1,500+tax

Timings: 6:15pm-8:30pm


Sometimes we're all about those lavish family dinners and there's nothing like desi food to bring the whole family together to feed the stomachs and the hearts. Angeethi has got great variety where desi food is concerned — from barbecue to handi options, what more do we need?

Price: Rs2,090+tax (adults) and Rs1,390+tax (kids under 10)

Timings: From iftar till 9pm

Chop Chop Wok

An appetiser, main course and dessert in one deal? With the addition of a fruit bowl for iftar and a chilled lemon margarita to glide down your throat to hydrate your system? Sounds like a steal to us.

Price: Rs1,460 with 3 Step Wok and Rs1,590 with Wok Special


Photo: Jardin/Instagram
Photo: Jardin/Instagram

Now for those of us who like a fancy experience with loads of options to choose from, Jardin seems like the place to be for the perfect fine dining experience. Different kinds of salads, a long list of appetisers, a bunch of main courses including pasta, steak, pizza AND dessert choices — what more do you need?

Price: Rs2,495 + tax

Timings: From iftar till 8:30pm


Photo: Dominos/Instagram
Photo: Dominos/Instagram

Is there food that's more diplomatic than pizza? A favourite among all, the most agreeable food there can be. And with a deal that gets you a free box per ordered box? That too available every single day of Ramazan? Count us in.

What are you waiting for reader? Besides iftar, we mean. Go treat yourself!