5 times Surf Excel celebrated the real spirit of Ramazan through emotional storytelling

5 times Surf Excel celebrated the real spirit of Ramazan through emotional storytelling

Each year, the brand shows us how neki and ibadat amplify blessings tenfold.
Updated 13 Apr, 2021

Ramazan has always had a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis, and each year, the holy month is spent with great religious fervour as countless communities come together to celebrate as one.

With such festivity all around, Pakistani brands have also been stepping forward with some of their best works during this month.

Surf Excel tops our list of brands that have been ably spreading some of the most meaningful and heart warming messages through various Ramazan campaigns.

From teaching us that Daagh Tou Achay Hotay Hain if we get them while we’re helping the elderly, to helping us realise that Neki (good deeds) is an ibadat (prayer) in a multiple ways, the brand ups the bar each year by ensuring their advertisements preach the right lessons to the masses.

Our favourite Surf Excel campaigns

Here are all the times Surf Excel reminded us how important it is to encourage gratitude all around:

Madad Ek Ibadat

Creating an advertisement that still gives us goosebumps with its emotional messaging, Surf Excel's 2016 Ramazan campaign made us realise that our path to God is directly connected to helping others.

The beautiful message to accept the daagh (stains) on our clothes in order to help others still have us remembering this ad film fondly.

Neki Ek Ibadat

We've seen enough advertising on air to really say that Surf Excel is one of the very few brands that ably manage to strike a chord with the masses.

The idea celebrates the beauty of bonds, especially those that seek to help others in their time of need; the concept of helping those around us in every possible way is shown through a beautiful bond between a child and his passion towards helping an older person not miss his Roza (fast).

Ek Neki Rozana

A hard-hitting message for Ramazan, this TVC from 2018 made many of us weep with its strong storyline based around reconnecting family bonds and forgetting animosities of the past.

The message truly proved to be one everyone adored during the festive month of countless blessings.

Eesar Ek Ibadat

Bringing forth the message of helping others before ourselves and thinking about them in our prayers, the 2019 Ramazan ad by Surf Excel was all about acknowledging the vibes of purity during the blessed month.

We not only see child-like innocence but also understand the true meaning of what Eesaar (sacrifice) means.

Neki Nahi Rukegi

A Ramazan ad that perfectly captured the ethos of 2020, and the ongoing pandemic, this message by Surf Excel was simple; do not refrain from nekis (good deeds) even when the going gets rough.

The beautiful message of resilience in such a time was like a breath of fresh air; for us, it boosted morales all around and had millions of Pakistanis spread and celebrate the message of performing good deeds in all possible ways, despite the obvious limitations all around.

While each of Surf Excel's Ramazan ads give out one important message after another, the emotions behind them make them memorable for us all.

Can't wait to see what messages of love, purity of intention and passion the brand will bring forth this Ramazan.

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