02 Apr, 2022

Film director Mehreen Jabbar's 90s telefilm Farar — a tale of three friends cruising through Karachi, trying to carve a way out for themselves — is being revived as a web series 25 years later. The "new Farar" will release this year.

"Twenty-five years later, three friends trying to get by and shine in the glorious and mad city that is Karachi. From old Farar to a new Farar. Coming this year," Jabbar captioned the collage of the 90s telefilm and the upcoming web series.

The "old Farar" followed three friends, actors Sania Saeed, Marina Khan and Huma Nawab, with clashing personalities navigating life and relationships, and was instantly a crowd favourite at the time. Set in Karachi, it explored the city's fashion and music scene as it was in the 90s. Whether it was the star-studded cast that included actor and producer Humayun Saeed or the captivating dialogues that attracted the audience to the telefilm, it worked and the telefilm was quite popular.

Cast of the "new Farar" includes actors Sarwat Gilani, Tooba Siddiqui, Mariam Saleem, Maha Hasan, Zahid Ahmed and Saleem Meraj. It is being produced for online streaming platform Zee5, joining many other recently released and upcoming web series such as Mrs & Mr Shameem , Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam, Ek Jhooti Love Story and Zindagi Gulzar Hai co-stars Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed's new series together.


apakmuslim Apr 03, 2022 03:55am
'Old' is "gold"
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 03, 2022 12:05pm
Great move and excellent news.
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Salman Apr 04, 2022 08:16am
Just sad to see that Karachi 25 years ago looked better than it does today (referring to the 'old' Farar trailer).
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Maimoona Apr 04, 2022 04:17pm
Old is Gold
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