Anoushey Ashraf calls out PML-N for 'animal abuse' at a political rally

Anoushey Ashraf calls out PML-N for 'animal abuse' at a political rally

She shared the video of a lion being mistreated at a political rally, calling out the organising political party.
30 Mar, 2022

Actor and VJ Anoushey Ashraf recently shared a video clip of a lion being mistreated at a political rally on social media, calling out the rally's organising political party for "animal abuse".

The video clip, which appears to be from a political rally held by members of PML-N, was shared by the media platform Niche Lifestyle on Instagram. Ashraf reshared the video on her Instagram Stories on March 30 and said, "Animal abuse is real. Using animals for entertainment is real. And if one is ignorant to the way an animal feels, he's far from being human."

Ashraf addressed the men in the video in her message. "Hoping they take appropriate action instead of keeping this awaam [public] jahil [illiterate] forever," she added. Tagging the PML-N's Instagram profile on her Story, she asked the political party to change its logo. "Change your logo to a flowerpot or something so your followers plant more trees at your rallies instead," she said.

Ashraf has been vocal about animal rights on multiple occasions — earlier this month she dedicated an Instagram post to why one should adopt and not shop. Penning down a long caption, she listed the benefits of adopting animals. On the occasion of Eidul Azha in 2021, the VJ reminded her followers to be kind to their sacrificial animals.

The actor has traced back her love for animals to her childhood during which her home was transformed into a zoo. "All this was followed by bringing in unhurt but very cute lambs, rabbits, ducklings, hens, a partridge, turtles and some geese," she said. "By the time I turned 9, our backyard was a mini zoo. And we were proud of it. A little corner for the blind, injured and hurt. Another for the ones recuperating. The rest were allowed to roam free. They dirtied the place, they made it smell funny but they gave me so so so much joy. And my mom let me keep each of them. For which I will forever be grateful."

Ashraf clearly never lets an opportunity to speak up for voiceless furries pass her by. We're glad to see the actor use her influence to advocate for animals.