Anoushey Ashraf says internet trolls project their own misery in comment sections

Anoushey Ashraf says internet trolls project their own misery in comment sections

The RJ and actor answered a fan's question about dressing 'boldly' in a mini Q&A session on her Instagram Stories.
17 Feb, 2022

In a patriarchal society, no woman escapes society's gaze and she is continually judged for the choices she makes, including the way she decides to dress. Celebrities get even more exposure to such comments due to their public profiles. Their fame comes at the price of dealing with internet trolls. RJ and actor Anoushey Ashraf held a mini Q&A session on Instagram for fans and answering one fan's question about 'bold' dressing and trolls, the actor said she doesn't care much for their opinions because she believes they're projecting their own misery in the comment section.

When asked if Ashraf has any regrets about dressing 'boldly' due to comments by haters, the actor replied that boldness is subjective. What is bold to one person is perfectly fine for another. "Someone thinks showing your arms is bold, others think wearing a skirt is bold, and there are some who even say showing your face is bold. What is bold except a perception in one's head?" she asked.

Ashraf said though it's fine to draw a line in terms of what we view as bold or vulgar, it is definitely not okay to hate or troll another for it.

She added that internet trolls are not to be taken seriously because it's not about the person they're commenting on at all, more their internal frustration that they're projecting onto someone else. "It's not about the bold dress any longer, it's about the frustration and anger in the person writing messages of hate to make you feel bad. How can one be upset at such a person who's already at such a low place in their life?"

Ashraf said that she has better things to occupy her attention and trolls do not concern her. "In my world, trolls are the least of my worries, Allah ka shukar hai [thank God]!"

Women are not decor pieces or objects that people can look at and pass their unasked for opinions about. They are people with every right to make choices about how they live their lives. They have the right to choose what they wear but that doesn't give people the licence to comment or hate on them for it. Live and let live!