'Google my name': Priyanka Chopra responds to Rosie O’Donnell referring to her as 'the Chopra wife'

Published 25 Feb, 2022 12:32pm

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The American comedian posted a public apology after mistaking her for Deepak Chopra's daughter and not learning her name.

Priyanka Chopra has made a name for herself not only in Bollywood but Hollywood too and when someone decides to reduce her to being someone famous' daughter or wife, it is sure to cause offence and rightfully so. American comedian Rosie O'Donnell made both these mistakes in a row, which led to the actor asking for some "respect".

According to the Los Angeles Times, O'Donnell encountered Priyanka and her husband Nick Jonas at a restaurant in Malibu, California and told her she knows her father, Deepak Chopra. Priyanka clarified that Chopra is a common name and they're not related. Embarrassed, the comedian posted a public apology on TikTok, still refusing to learn Priyanka's name, and referred to her as "the Chopra wife."

Priyanka responded to this via her Instagram story, penning a lengthy note about how every individual deserves respect for who they are instead of being reduced to who they're related to.

She said that a simple Google search before the public apology would have been helpful. “If you wanted to make a public apology for a very awkward private encounter, I think probably best to take the time to google my name before doing it or even try to reach out directly."

Photo: Geo TV
Photo: Geo TV

"We ALL deserve to be respected for our unique individuality and not be referred to as ‘someone’ or ‘wife’ especially in a sincere apology. If we can learn to respect our differences in an authentic way, the world we raise our children in will be amazing," the Quantico actor wrote.

"Also PS — As I’ve said before, not all Chopras are related to the great Deepak, just as not all Smith’s are related to the legendary Will Smith," she added.

O'Donnell faced backlash in her comment section for the blunder and she responded by making another TikTok video, justifying Priyanka's reaction and making sure to learn her name this time.

“People thought that [Priyanka Chopra Jonas] was rude — she wasn’t rude,” O’Donnell said in the follow-up clip. “It was just awkward, you know? I mean, I’m sure she gets sick of that. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

“But she’s apparently a very well-known actress and more famous than [Nick Jonas], people were saying, so I’m sure it felt weird to her to begin with. Anyway, Priyanka is her name. Priyanka. I hope I’m pronouncing that right.”

We're siding with Priyanka on this one. Everyone deserves to be called by their own name, not wife of or daughter of.