Updated 18 Feb, 2022

Yaara Vey is a film that promises to bring something new to the mix, abandoning the trend of relying on comedy to make a movie work. It has been shot at different locations but promises to be more than a prettily shot feature — the actors claim it's a good project with great cinematography and an even better team. The movie is set to release across the world, with the exception of India, on June 17.

In conversation with Images, actor Faizan Khawaja revealed that, "Yaara Vey is basically a love story, a triangle between three characters and Aleeze [Nasser] is playing the main lead. There's Sami Khan, there's me, there's Marina Khan, there's Jawed Sheikh, Ali Sikander, Asad Khan, Poonam Pandey and many more".

Khawaja was very appreciative of the professionals on board and was all praises for his co-star Nasser. "The working experience with the team was amazing because most of the team was Dubai-based and from Bombay so we had a lot of professionals working with us. Working with Aleeze was a lot of fun. She's a very fun person to work with and I had a song with her. I think I was the first one to work with Aleeze, we had great chemistry, we've done some really amazing stuff in the film."

He added that they're planning to release the film on June 17. "We're really looking forward to the release. It's not going to be released just in Pakistan, it's going to be a worldwide release I think, with the exception of India." The film was originally supposed to release in 2020.

Yaara Vey has been written by Althea Kaushal, the dialogues are by Mahwash Ijaz and it has been directed by Manish Pawar. The film has been produced by Beeline Productions in Dubai and shot in Thailand.

Khawaja discussed the traveling component of the film and said it was refreshing for the actors. The films visuals are quite exciting too, he said. "Shooting Yaara Vey was overall a very amazing experience because of the fact we shot in so many different locations, we went to so many different countries. We first shot most of the film in Dubai and then we shot portions in Thailand," he said. The team also headed to Georgia, where they shot a song sequence.

The actor said this wasn't the usual film where you have to wrap up the entire production in one city or location. "We went all over the place and everywhere we went was an experience of its own because we went to all these different cities and countries and extravagant locations where people usually don't go."

But while Khawaja was effusive in his praise for the shots in the film he wasn't very forthcoming about its plot or characters. Nor was Ali Sikander. "When the next teasers and trailer come out, they will automatically reveal the dimensions of the characters and what amount of margins they have," he told Images.

Sikander opened up about his own role though, and said, "My character is one of the most interesting and surprising elements of the film because when I went there, it was a small character, I was there for just one week. But [once] we started, they made changes in the script, it got more positive and I stayed there for more than a month."

He said his character is one of the "major pillars" that is connected to every single character. "At the same time, he's funny yet emotional yet serious, [and] mature — it's like a complete package. I got to play different shades with this character. My character and [Jawed] Sheikh saab's are the two major pillars in this love story. It's a good project with great cinematography and locations, the director of photography has been the DOP for Gully Boy as well. It was a great experience with a big chunk of the team being from Bollywood."

Calling the experience memorable, the actor said he enjoyed the journey more than the shoot. He also emphasised that the film "is going to be something new, straying from the comic trend in our industry". "So there's something in the story, film treatment and the different locations — for example when people shoot in Thailand they go for Bangkok but we shot at River Kwai, in resorts and we also explored the equivalent of their northern areas so the film will be very strong visually too."


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Who cares?
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Beeline productions is the producers can’t take the credits for it