Feroze Khan and wife blessed with a baby girl

Feroze Khan and wife blessed with a baby girl

The actor took to Instagram Stories to make the announcement of the birth of his daughter, Fatima Khan.
14 Feb, 2022

Actor Feroze Khan and his wife Alizey have been blessed with a baby girl! The actor announced the exciting news on Instagram Stories.

Khan also announced the name of his newborn — Fatima Khan.

The Aye Musht-e-Khaak actor hasn't revealed much else about the newest addition to his family. Khan and wife were blessed with a baby boy, Sultan Khan almost three years ago in 2019.

The actor has chosen to keep his personal life rather private, only sharing a few pictures of his family.

He also quit showbiz for a short while before making a comeback a few months later. "My Sheikh, he has ordered me that I can't quit showbiz," he said, adding that that he believes the industry is a source of paighaam from one place to another. He also chose to remain mum on rumours regarding his separation when asked in the same interview.

Khan is currently acting in drama serial Aye Musht-e-Khaak that has received flak from viewers for the negativity and level of aggression. Khan plays the character of Bobby aka Mustejab alongside Sana Javed as Dua and Iffat Omar as Shakeela.


M. Saeed Feb 14, 2022 02:21pm
Publicity gimmick! Otherwise, there are over 7.8 billion people on this planet who were born once and still living!
NYS Feb 14, 2022 03:23pm
Congratulations !The family completion
Syed Hasni Feb 14, 2022 04:01pm
I hope this will make him a calmer and more patient person, and he will not pull out one of his uncivil and unrefined behaviors like the one in TBH again, which he thinks is cool. Its a proud moment Feroze enjoy!
Idris Feb 14, 2022 04:03pm
Wow congratulations
Tanvir Khan Feb 14, 2022 04:28pm
The baby girl shall now be BRANDED with an Arab or Persian name!
Soniye tu auder te la Feb 14, 2022 04:58pm
They will give her an Iranian name.
NoVoice Feb 14, 2022 05:26pm
Wish her a great career in drama and film like her father and aunty.
well-wisher Feb 14, 2022 08:09pm
Congrates to Khan family and welcome to Fatima-a great name. Firoze, be selective in choosing your drama character from being hard and evil. Your fans will appreciate.
Farah Feb 15, 2022 07:50pm