Azfar Rehman to reunite with Areeba Habib in upcoming drama Rukhsati

Azfar Rehman to reunite with Areeba Habib in upcoming drama Rukhsati

The drama's cast includes Atiqa Odho, Javed Sheikh, Rubina Ashraf and Gul-e-Rana.
03 Feb, 2022

Actor and TV host Azfar Rehman will soon be seen in a new drama series on ARY Digital alongside Areeba Habib.

Rehman — who's been in dramas such as Aatish (2018), Nazar-e-Bad (2017) and Phir Chand Pe Dastak (2011) — told Images about his upcoming project named Rukhsati. "The name of the drama is Rukhsati," he said. "The drama is directed by Tehseen and Saqib Khan. I'm doing a special appearance in this. I'm not a stock character, I'm a special character opposite Areeba Habib."

Rehman highlighted how Rukhsati has a star-studded cast. "I haven't worked with ARY in a long time. Abdullah Seja and Adeel Suri approached me for this special project, so I couldn't say no. The story is really nice and it has a big cast. We have Atiqa Odho, Javed Sheikh, Rubina Ashraf and Gul-e-Rana. These are really huge stars so how can you say no to a project like that? "

He went on to talk about his relationship with Habib, calling her a very close friend. This won't be the first time we'll be seeing the actors working together. In 2019 drama Qadam Qadam Ishq they played university students in a love story.

According to Rehman, Rukhsati is going to air on ARY Digital soon.

Rehman's comeback as a TV show host

The actor has been making a regular appearance on TV One in the morning as host of his new morning show The Morning Star. "It is already on air and we are seven to eight episodes down now," he told Images.

"We're trying to bring some change in the morning show format. I'm trying to focus more on health and fitness, mental health, some legal issues where I talk to lawyers and I'm not focusing directly on celebrities or chitchatting with them. It is going to be all-rounder affair. The show is going to be very educational and informative. There are a lot of film promotions happening on the show. There's a regular kitchen segment there as well.

"We're trying to make a very light, digestible and easy-going show," Rehman pointed out.

"I started out on TV One and I've been a host for a long time but after Miss Veet Pakistan I did not host anything. I am very particular about the shows I take up as a host. I feel that when you take up a show as a host, your personality comes into play and you have to be really very responsible because through a show you are influencing the entire nation."