Twitter users aren't getting over Shadab Khan, Khushdil Shah's brilliant performances any time soon

Twitter users aren't getting over Shadab Khan, Khushdil Shah's brilliant performances any time soon

The Multan Sultans bagged their fourth straight PSL win but Shadab's Islamabad United didn't go down without a fight.
02 Feb, 2022

If you missed Tuesday night's PSL 7 match between the Multan Sultans and Islamabad United, you missed a brilliant game that had Pakistani Twitter talking well into the night. Netizens were particularly enraptured by the performances of Islamabad United captain Shadab Khan and Multan Sultan's Khushdil Shah.

The Sultans bagged their fourth straight win in the PSL after beating Islamabad United by 20 runs. Islamabad United didn't go down without a fight though — Khan delivered a 91-run knock off just 42 balls as his team chased a 217-run score by the Multan Sultans who batted first. As the Sultans came in to bowl, Shah sent United batsmen packing by picking up four wickets in the game and giving away just 35 runs, helping stop United's run-score at 197 in 19.4 overs.

Netizens were all praise for Khan's (or rather Shaddy's) brilliant game, especially that fiery 91-run knock which is reportedly his career's "best T20 score".

"Shadab Khan the lone warrior," tweeted one user. "What a knock man. Well Played Shaddy."

"Multan may have won the match, but Shaddy have won our hearts," tweeted another user.

"Shaddy missed his century but definitely won our hearts! What a player," posted one user.

Khan's brilliant performance forced Islamabad United to pull out some "nazar spray" on Twitter to ward off the evil eye. Anything for Shaddy.

On the Multan Sultan front, Shah was the talk of the internet as well.

"Khushdil is having the PSL of his life," read a tweet.

Netizens had high hopes for Shah's wicket-taking record in this year's PSL.

These hopes have been placed on the player's shoulders for good reason though. "What a revelation Khushdil Shah has been with the ball in PSL7. 9 wickets so far in the tournament. Before this PSL he had only taken 8 wickets in his whole career," wrote journalist Saj Sadiq.

According to Multan Sultans captain Mohammad Rizwan, Shah's marriage seems to have uplifted his game.

Okay Shah, we'll take a leaf out of your book and try this marriage business as well.

Khan and Shah are definitely packing a punch in this year's PSL. Here's to hoping we get to see more brilliant performances by these two.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Feb 02, 2022 02:43pm
Well played Shadab Khan and Khushdil Shah. As always, keep it up and hang on tough.