Minnie Mouse trades in signature red dress for a blue pantsuit

Minnie Mouse trades in signature red dress for a blue pantsuit

The iconic Disney character got a modern new look for Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary.
28 Jan, 2022

Minnie Mouse recently changed up her look to celebrate Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary — swapping her iconic red and white polka-dotted dress for a modern blue pantsuit as her signature look.

The Disney character's new look was designed by English designer Stella McCartney and consists of blue trousers and a matching blazer, complete with a bow. Minnie Mouse's modern new look is meant to celebrate Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary milestone.

According to PEOPLE magazine, McCartney said she's "delighted to be working with the one, the only, the iconic Minnie Mouse", adding that Minnie has "always had a special place in my heart."

"What I love about Minnie is the fact that she embodies happiness, self-expression, authenticity and that she inspires people of all ages around the world," the designer said in a statement. "Plus, she has such great style!

"I wanted Minnie to wear her very first pantsuit at Disneyland Paris, so I have designed one of my iconic costumes — a blue tuxedo — using responsibly sourced fabrics," McCartney explained.

The designer said Minnie's new look is meant to make her a "symbol for progress for the new generation". "She will wear it in honour of Women's History Month, in March 2022. I can't wait for you to see this new look at Walt Disney Studios Park!"

But not everyone was happy about Minnie's new look. The blue pant-suit has enraged a few, including Fox News host Jesse Watters and American conservative author Candace Owens.

They're making her more masculine," Owens said on Jesse Watters Primetime. "They are taking all these things nobody was offended by, as if they have to get rid of them and destroy them because they are bored. They are absolutely bored. They are trying to destroy the fabrics of our society, pretending there are issues."

Not everyone shared Owen's sentiments on social media though.

“Bro, if our society was being held together by Minnie Mouse’s dress it probably wasn’t worth saving," read one very sensible tweet.

"Pretending to be upset about Minnie Mouse wearing pants is just plain goofy," tweeted a user.

What are your thoughts on Minnie Mouse's new look?


Nads Jan 28, 2022 07:29pm
I think Minnie would have looked gorgeous in a blue chiffon kameez and matching chooridaar pyjama, maybe a small silk dupatta with pearl embroidery, then Micky mouse wouldn’t feel like she stole his nightsuit!
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jan 29, 2022 12:11am
It was long overdue.