Updated 28 Jan, 2022

Grab a pen and some paper everyone and let YouTuber extraordinaire Irfan Junejo tell you how it's done.

The popular vlogger is no small name in the YouTube community in Pakistan. He's known for his thoughtful and creative content on the video streaming platform, in fact he's pretty famous for it. After five years of YouTubing — and almost two million followers to show for it — the man is here to tell you the lessons he's learned when it comes to making good YouTube videos.

Junejo divulged the lessons in a tweet he posted on Thursday. "I have been making YouTube videos for 5 years now," he shared. "What started as a hobby has become a profession now with almost 2 Million followers across all platforms. These are a few lessons I have learnt in these 5 years."

1. He doesn't compromise on the sound

"Audio Quality matters more than Video Quality," shared the YouTuber, which sounds about right (see what we did there?). Your video can be a visual treat but it won't go down as a success if the viewer can't understand what's being said.

2. He keeps the right state of mind

"Complacency kills more YouTube channels than anything else," said Junejo. Being uncritical of your work won't allow you to learn the lessons you need to learn to make better content.

3. He doesn't take that thumbnail and title lightly

"On YouTube, thumbnail and title is equally important as the video itself," he said. There's no arguing against that. These two elements play a big role in luring viewers into clicking the video to watch it.

4. He keeps the aspect ratio in check

"2:1 is the ideal aspect ratio for YouTube," he shared, and the little things make a big difference for sure.

5. Interestingly, he does not like videos going viral

"The worst thing that can happen to your creativity is a viral video." he said.

Viral content isn't all that's cracked up to be, at least in Junejo's case. In 2020, the vlogger announced that he was taking a break from YouTube, citing mental health concerns. He made a comeback in 2021, explaining his decision in a video titled 'How NOT to get a Million Subscribers!'. For Junejo, the success he gained through his videos and being in the public eye played a big role in exasperating his struggles with anxiety and self esteem, and it turned his passion for vlogging into a burden.

6. He believes content creators should stay true to themselves

"Don’t try to be better than anyone," he said. "Just try to be different and the best way to do that is to be authentic. Thora cliché but be yourself and your audience will find you". Remember guys, there's a fine line between inspiration and imitation.

7. He believes in the magic of good typography and music

"They make a lot of difference," he emphasised.

8. He's values building a community

Junejo firmly believes that the key to being "unstoppable" is content that doesn't just create a "spectacle" but also a "community". It's all about creating long lasting value.

This is sound advice from Junejo. Whether you're well into the vlogging game or are itching to try it as a first-timer, Junejo's lessons might help you rope in viewers by making good content.