Hasan Raheem drops MV for his newest song 'Sun Le Na' featuring Abdullah Kasumbi

Published 17 Jan, 2022 04:19pm

Images Staff

The video has the singer showing off his acting skills for the first time.

Singer Hassan Raheem released a music video for his latest song 'Sun Le Na' featuring Abdullah Kasumbi — and it is quite the departure from what we've both seen and heard from the 'Joona' singer so far.

Raheem — who is one of the most popular Gen Z singers in the music industry at the moment — dropped the MV for 'Sun Le Na' on Sunday. The video is a short film made by Kamil Chima and sees the singer show off his acting skills for the first time. The song has been written and performed by Raheem and produced by Kasumbi.

Raheem shared news of the MV's release with his fans on social media.

The singer's fans are pretty delighted with 'Sun Le Na' and are praising both the song as well as the music video. The song is definitely more sombre in nature than most of Raheem's more popular songs.

Fans are particularly enraptured by Raheem's acting in the music video.

Let's also take a moment and appreciate his choice of apparel in the music video. That stylised 'bullet-proof vest' by FT.WA WORKS is a whole vibe in itself.

Raheem is known for songs like 'Joona', 'Paisa' and 'Aarzu'. He'll be making his first appearance in Coke Studio's season 14 this year.