From Hasan Raheem to Natasha Noorani: The 13 most played Pakistani songs on CityFM89 in 2021

Did your favourite song make it onto our list?
28 Dec, 2021

2021 was a great year for those who listen Pakistani music. It was the year Hasan Raheem took centre-stage in his pink hoodie, when Maanu 'came thru' with some absolute bangers and Abdullah Siddiqui was the knight in shining armour for Pakistan's EDM genre.

At CityFM89, there were many, many songs that made it to the top 100 list but these are the 13 Pakistani songs that were played on repeat throughout most of the year. The list is based on songs most played by our RJs, songs that were all the rage at the time of their release as well as those frequently requested by listeners. Did your favourite song make it onto the list?

'Faasla' by Shamoon Ismail featuring Hasan Raheem

Islamabad-based singer Shamoon Ismail has made a name for himself with his bluesy Punjabi songs and this particular song featuring the popular Hasan Raheem was a favourite for weeks after its release in September.

'Be Myself' by Aima Baig and Abdullah Siddiqui

Here's a fun collaboration that actually came out in December 2020 but has been riding the airwaves throughout much of 2021.

'Boom Boom' by Meesha Shafi

Singer Meesha Shafi really killed it with this cover of Nazia Hassan's 1982 song of the same name. We were afraid that she might not do justice to this classic but Shafi did not disappoint.

'Cricket Khidaiye' by Atif Aslam, Faris Shafi and Talal Qureshi

If there was ONE song everyone listened to on repeat to keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the ICC Men's T20 World Cup in October, it was this banger by Atif Aslam and Faris Shafi.

'Hot Mango Chutney Sauce' by Meesha Shafi

This little number by Meesha Shafi was a critics favourite for its fun lyrics and and catchy EDM beats. You know a song is going to turn out well if it has Siddiqui on board as producer.

'You and I' by Saba Jaswal featuring Abdullah Siddiqui

Speaking of Siddiqui, here's another favourite hat played on FM89 for weeks on end.

'Baby Baby' by Nastasha Noorani

Is a list about Pakistani songs even complete if Natasha Noorani doesn't make the cut? This number is one of our favourite songs to have come out of Velo Sound Station.

'Haye Dil Bechara' by Jimmy Khan from film Parey Hut Love

One listener on YouTube called this the most underrated song to have come out of the film industry. Do you agree?

'Come Thru' by Abdullah Siddiqui featuring Maanu

Here's another Siddiqui song featuring the smooth vocals of the 'Meloncholic' singer Maanu himself.

'Choro' by Natasha Noorani

Here is a song that most of us chilled out to in the summers after its release. Noorani's 'Choro' offered its listeners the perfect heartbreak song of the year.

'Do Pal' by Taha G. featuring Maanu

This beautiful number by Taha G. and Maanu is a bittersweet song that'll have you lost in thought for hours on end.

'Filhaal' by Towers

This killer song was another summer favourite amongst listeners, the perfect number to crank up on a road trip adventure with friends.

'Joona' by Hasan Raheem featuring Abdullah Kasumbi

Hasan Raheem's 'Joona' stands at numero uno, which isn't surprising at all given how obsessed everyone became with the singer and his catchy beats. There has been no dearth of good music from Raheem this year and we hope to hear more from him in 2022.

There are many, many more Pakistan songs that made to our 'favourite songs' playlist in 2021. Which songs did you play on repeat this year?