Is Azaan Sami Khan's 'Ik Lamha' better as a lo-fi mix?

Published 17 Jan, 2022 03:14pm

Images Staff

The singer just released a new version of his song and we're fans of the way he experimented with the melody.

Musician and actor Azaan Sami Khan is trying different things and looks like he has gotten the hang of lo-fi mixes. His track featuring Maya Ali called 'Ik Lamha' now has a lo-fi version — a relaxing beat with slowed down pace that helps people focus on other things while listening to the song.

Often called indie rock, lo-fi has become a trend lately due to YouTube and TikTok. Slowed down versions of songs are very popular on the video sharing app. While slow beats are definitely trending in Pakistan, Khan may be the first artist to release a lo-fi version of an original track.

The original featured a mix of electronic guitar to qawwali and similarly and so does the lo-fi version of the song. 'Ik Lamha' originally released on December 25 and the latest version came out few weeks later on Jan 16. Khan took to Instagram to share a snippet of the new music video with his fans.

We know indie beats are trending on social media but we wonder what actually made Khan mix things up. Perhaps he'd be up for slowing down some of his tracks even more in the future, matching the pace of mixes available online. These mixes often feature low-pitched vocals in order for the beats and instrumental to be the focus whereas Khan's latest mix follows the opposite approach with regular pitched vocals.

We would love it if lo-fi was the new trend Pakistani musicians adopt in their work but it needs to be done right. Some Pakistani songs have just the right ingredients to make soothing lo-fi versions for us to relax to. What do you think about Khan's new version of his song? Is the original version better or the lo-fi version?