Shehzad Roy sings of love, loss and Covid-19 in comeback MV 'Maula Vey'

Shehzad Roy sings of love, loss and Covid-19 in comeback MV 'Maula Vey'

Featuring actor Syra Yousuf, the music video will speak to those who've lost loved ones to the coronavirus.
08 Jan, 2022

Good news Shehzad Roy fans — your favourite singer has made a musical comeback. His latest music video 'Maula Vey' has been released, and it's a soft, lyrical tale of love and loss in the times of Covid-19. The song promises to be a tearjerker for anyone who's lost a loved one to the coronavirus.

The music video was released on January 7 and features the appearance of actor Syra Yousuf alongside Roy. In the video, both Yousuf and Roy contract Covid-19 and meet each other while being treated in quarantine, eventually falling in love.

The video frequently shows a public service message, urging viewers to get vaccinated against Covid-19 to safeguard themselves against the deadly virus. At the end, 'Maula Vey' is announced to be a tribute to two healthcare workers who endangered their lives to treat their patients, like countless other health workers across the world. "We thank our heroes," the video says.

Roy announced his musical return on social media last week by posting photos and teasers of 'Maula Vey'.

Viewers appreciated Roy's heartfelt portrayal of losing a loved one to Covid-19 in the video. "Nicely portrayed," said a user on YouTube. "[Although] I didn't lose any of my loves ones to Covid-19, [I] ended up in tears [while] watching [the video]. Good job Shehzad Roy and team.

Roy's last music video, 'Kon Kis Ka Aadmi Hai', was released in February 2021. The music video was a socio-political commentary, highlighting the importance of "fact check[ing] through credible sources before judging 'who is working for whom'. The singer is known for his songs 'Mukhra', 'Laga Reh' and 'Saali Tu Maani Nahi'.


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Aly Jan 08, 2022 04:13pm
Actors have to play a big role in educating masses. Every drama should have eduction and learning for viewers
Eb Raar Jan 08, 2022 10:46pm
Finally, finally, some good, motivational stuff on dawn images..
Omran Jan 09, 2022 12:44am
loved it
Masood Jan 09, 2022 08:01am
Brilliant!! Very beautifully done ! True emotions depicted!