Yasir Hussain believes we have learnt nothing from Mohenjo Daro

Published 07 Jan, 2022 04:37pm

Images Staff

The actor shared photos from his trip to the heritage site and his thoughts on what people are doing wrong.

Actor Yasir Hussain is known for calling a spade a spade and after a trip to heritage site Mohenjo Daro, he's upset that we haven't learnt anything.

Posing with a Rs20 note in front of the iconic Mohenjo Daro stupa, which is also featured on the note, Hussain wrote, "We only printed Mohenjo Daro's picture on our Rs20 note. We didn't learn anything. If we had made cities like this, today people from Europe would come here for tourism."

Giving his followers a short history lesson, Hussain said that in 2500 BC, there were trashcans in every street of the city. "Cleanliness is half of faith," he said, lamenting the state of cleanliness in Sindh.

Former model and current PR manager Frieha Altaf commented on his post and said, "I love Mohenjo Daro! We should be proud, we had sanitation, culture & civilisation 5000 yrs ago. We don’t have proper sanitation now."

Hussain's infant son Kabir also dropped by to say he wanted to go on the trip too.

When it comes to learning from history, we rarely take away the good lessons. Instead of modelling the good from previous generations (or civilisations), humanity often learns the wrong lessons and forgets what's important. In a country like Pakistan where sanitation and waste disposal is so poorly managed, we would do well to learn from an ancient civilisation that knew the importance of cleaning up.