Twitter weighs in on Imran Khan's third attempt to find 'personal happiness' in marriage

Updated 19 Feb, 2018 08:54am

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It wasn't exactly unexpected, but Twitter still won't leave him alone

Rumours about Imran Khan's desire to marry a third time have been circulating for several months now.

But last night PTI made it official: the political party announced that its chief wed Bushra Maneka, a respected Pir [faith healer] in "a simple ceremony" in Lahore on Sunday.

Imran Khan has previously taken to Twitter to express his thoughts about marrying again, most notably this thread in January 2018:

So it's no surprise that Pakistanis would take to Twitter to express their thoughts when he finally did tie the knot.

Here are some reactions...

This one's for all you cynics out there

Some people saw the, um, wisdom in IK's actions:

Some proved that a 'Friends' reference will always be relevant:

Some are left thinking about of their own lack of success in the love department:

There's always ONE person with a grand conspiracy theory:

But then again, IK does have his supporters:

And social commentators:

At the end, there's always photoshop: