No gas at home? Ali Gul Pir's air fryer scrambled eggs are here to save the day

No gas at home? Ali Gul Pir's air fryer scrambled eggs are here to save the day

The comedian is known for his videos but this time he's giving us breakfast material.
08 Dec, 2021

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and you can always count on Pakistanis to come up with a jugaad [hack] for just about anything. Comedian Ali Gul Pir proved that when he didn’t let the gas shortage stop him from getting that bread — and eggs.

Mornings typically begin with breakfast but in Pakistani winters, they begin with people glaring at the stove, trying to cook their food with some Jedi mind control despite a gas shortage. This morning, Gul Pir took the road less travelled and innovated a new way to cook eggs.

He tried making eggs in an air fryer and recorded his experiment on Instagram. Caution: this doesn't work for all air fryers and you should check your air fryer manual before attempting this hack.

Step 1

Cut a sheet of aluminium foil large enough to create a bowl of sorts by folding the sides.

Step 2

Add the egg mix in and adjust settings according to how well done you like your eggs.

Step 3

Take out the eggs and scramble (unless you cooked it long enough for it to be an omelette). Add seasoning of choice and toast some bread to go with it.

And voila! Your air fried breakfast is ready to go.

Gul Pir regularly posts humorous remakes of videos of politicians or people caught on camera saying some really weird things. He is a content creator but his parodies have taken the wheel. If you follow Gul Pir on Instagram, you know he's also a breakfast enthusiast so it's no wonder he went through such lengths to make the meal. It’s fun seeing him expand his creative powers though, especially when we’re getting a useful hack out of it.

And we’ve got to admit, air fryers are really saving our culinary lives and making adult-ing a more convenient experience, especially as we suffer through a gas shortage. So go ahead folks; don't just stop at eggs, cook sausages, french toast or whatever else your heart desires — after checking the manual of course.


Fast comment Dec 08, 2021 01:36pm
Excellent alternative. Two decades back an entrepreneur from US visited Pak, to evaluate exploration near Badin. He visited concerned ministry at Islamabad. Was shocked to hear grafts demands @ first meeting. He went back to US with utter disappointment.
Arun1 Dec 08, 2021 02:20pm
1 Impose a two child limit. Adding 25m or an Australia every five years is insane. 2 give every family a 2kw solar panel .a battery and a small induction cooker. It will save billions in oil and gas imports.
Surya Kant Agrawal Dec 08, 2021 02:23pm
Use solar cooker
javeria younes Dec 08, 2021 04:45pm
What an elitist solution to the common man's problem.
Zahid Waheed Khawaja Dec 10, 2021 09:37am
Can't find cake! What an elitist solution.