Money Heist finally comes to an end with the Professor adding a much needed twist in the finale

Money Heist finally comes to an end with the Professor adding a much needed twist in the finale

The journey finally comes to a thrilling end for the robbers and fans who will miss their favourite band of thieves.
04 Dec, 2021

Warning: This article contains major spoilers about the finale of Spanish series Money Heist.

Spanish TV series Money Heist, also known as La Casa De Papel, has finally come to an end after five seasons and fans are sad to see it go.

In part one of the season finale, we saw a shift of events, making fans wonder if this was it for the band of thieves or if there would be a lone survivor left to tell the tale. In the recently released part two, the mastermind, Professor (Álvaro Morte), commenced the final spine-chilling hour by entering the bank where his suited and masked team is in police custody.

Like a true gambler, he came up with a trick to pressure the Spanish government but there's one problem and that’s Rafael, Berlin’s son and Professor’s nephew who had stolen all the gold.

As expected, the series went all out by trapping the authorities and government in their own scam. Professor returned the gold in his own way and the heist team succeeds with the original plan. The stunt banked on the government not actually doing anything with the gold in their bank. The unexpected change of events and a very much alive professor is something fans had all been hoping for.

Alicia Sierra became the new recruit of the Professor’s army who takes on the task of tracking down Rafael in order to retrieve the gold. The Professor sees Sierra as an equal, almost the second partner in crime, replacing Berlin. This could add to fan theories that assumed Sierra’s first name is Tatiana and she was Berlin’s lover and the only person other than the brothers who knew the master plan inside out.

Fans around the world have been sharing their favourite clips from the finale and this has to be our personal favourite.

Another user shared his experience of binge-watching the series in one go. We suggest you save some episodes to enjoy this weekend and cherish it while it lasts.

Some fans had a hard time bidding their favourite show a final goodbye.

The heist crew finally get their much needed happy ending except for Tokyo and Nairobi, a loss for the comrades as they move on with their lives. The Professor can be seen proposing to Lisbon (as we expected) and Denver and Stockholm reunite with Sierra who in the end joins them. The heist may have ended but their bond will always remain and they will always be a family.

The spin-off dedicated to Berlin was announced earlier after fans expressed their sadness about the Spanish series coming to an end. It’s slated for 2023 and the serial will explore Berlin's life, family, the story behind the flashbacks we saw this time and mainly what went down between him, Tatiana and his son Rafael.


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Are they planning to join Pakistan National Assembly after their finale.