The trailer for Money Heist's final season shows the crew's last action-packed adventure

The trailer for Money Heist's final season shows the crew's last action-packed adventure

The first volume of the thrilling final season will premiere on Netflix on December 3.
04 Aug, 2021

Netflix has released the trailer of volume one of Money Heist's final season and we're pretty excited after watching it. The trailer promises a nail-biting experience as the Professor and his band of thieves try to make their way towards freedom — and a whole lot of cash — after encountering many challenges.

The wildly popular La Casa Da Papel or Money Heist will see its final season released in two parts of five episodes each. The trailer for the first volume hints at a trapped, battle-worn but determined crew, inching their way towards escaping the authorities.

The trailer shows the Professor pretty much in the same bind we left him in during the last season — he'd been discovered by Alicia who then held him at gunpoint. The Professor's crew is still trapped in the Royal Mint of Spain surrounded by the authorities.

As per a previous announcement by Netflix, volume one will be released on September 3, while volume two will be released three months later on December 3.

Fans are pretty excited about what's in store for them and the trailer has added to the their already heightened sense of exhilaration.

We can't wait for the final season either. The lockdown is in full force across Pakistan due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and there's no better way to spend time at home than binge-watching an action-packed show.


Chrís Dăn Aug 04, 2021 01:17pm
Sounds interesting.
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ENGR Hamid shafiq Aug 04, 2021 01:27pm
Means they shall die in last season.
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UZ Aug 04, 2021 01:40pm
Bring it on :P
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Marrkhor Aug 04, 2021 02:02pm
Hope Pakistan could ever make even 10% of like this , and wish if Pakistan drama could ever come off from the home politics
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 04, 2021 03:56pm
Bring it on.
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