‘We root for unusual unions to crash,’ says Yasra Rizvi as she puts divorce rumours to rest

Published 04 Dec, 2021 02:17pm

Images Staff

The actor said that as a society, we speculate about things so easily so that ‘we feel good about playing it safe.’

Actor Yasra Rizvi is known not only for her outstanding performances on screen but also for being an outspoken individual who has no time for online trolls. The actor has often been the subject of hate simply for keeping her private life private and had been in the news about her marriage from the day she got married four years ago. Recently netizens were at it again with their baseless speculation and this time, they called it quits on behalf of the couple.

Rizvi put the rumours to rest with a portrait photo of herself and her husband. “The question is are we STILL together? I wonder if people speculated about these things so easily and so often before social media happened or have we always been rooting for 'unusual' unions to come crashing down so that we can feel good about playing it safe,” she wrote on Instagram.

This isn't the first time for the Churails actor has been subjected to online criticism. Previously, the star was called out for her role as Jugnu in the web series, as she plays the character of an über rich woman with alcohol dependency, abandonment issues and racist tendencies. Later, fans gave her flak about popular drama, Dunk and playing a part in a serial that highlights false harassment allegations.

In early 2017, Rizvi had penned a detailed post dedicated to all the fans who had called her out for marrying a younger man. She backed it with a video and said people need to focus on the fact that her mehr settlement and the age gap are justified in religion so she doesn’t owe it to anyone.

The public needs to remember that we are not entitled to know everything about a celebrity's life. People on the internet love to speculate but nothing is confirmed until the celebrity themselves decides to address it. As fans or followers, we need to respect celebrities and leave their personal matters to them.