Yasra Rizvi gives birth to a baby boy

Published 23 May, 2021 03:59pm

Images Staff

The Churails star welcomed her son to the world (and Instagram) with a heartfelt post.

Churails star Yasra Rizvi just announced the birth of her son on Instagram.

According to her post, her son was born on May 22 at 9:50am.

She posted a picture of herself holding her bundle of joy with the caption "Ibn e Adam, you my love are the son of Adam... being human is your only introduction and serving fellow beings is your only purpose... [the] rest is just detail...have a great life!"

The actor and her husband Abdul Hadi married in 2016 and this is their first child. Rizvi had announced the news at the end of April with a witty Instagram post captioned "to deliver or not to deliver".

Her post announcing her son's birth was flooded with congratulations and well wishes from celebrities and fans alike.