Abrar Ul Haq fires up Pakistani Twitter users’ fury with a video of a child making roti

Published 26 Nov, 2021 06:41pm

Images Staff

Singer shared a clip of a young girl and captioned it the right kind of ‘training,’

Everyone should know how to cook but what’s the right age to start learning? Singer turned politician Abrar Ul Haq recently shared a video of a young girl — believed to be his daughter — making roti and Twitter users were not impressed.

The singer shared a clip of a young girl who seems to be five or six years old, making roti in the kitchen. Haq said this was the “right age for training” and quite a few people took issue with his choice of words.

The singer was recently called out for rendition of ‘Baby Shark’, inanely titled ‘Begum Shak Karti Hai’, and it seems like he has ignited the wrath of the internet once again.

Sociologist Nida Kirmani took account of the singer’s words and reminded even more that gol rotis are considered a symbol of “women’s oppression.” She also mentioned that while it certainly isn’t a crime against humanity for a child to make roti, context matters.

Some Twitter users wanted to remind the singer that cooking is a basic skill that everyone should know, regardless of gender.

No one is contesting the fact that some kids like to participate in the kitchen because it looks interesting and fun but it’s not something that should be made compulsory as part of ‘training’.

Some even cheekily questioned if Haq had been trained.

A user asked what kind of training the 'Preeto' singer referring to. We're wondering that too.

Several concerned Twitter users reminded him of the dangers of letting a young child stand near the stove.

A child should be supported if they want to learn new things, after all they are in the process of being trained to follow their dreams and what they are most passionate about. Perhaps Haq might be training his daughter to be the next Masterchef of Pakistan? Who knows, but we certainly hope that’s what this ‘training’ is about.