Iqra Aziz takes us through a day in the life of a new mom and we love how real it is

Published 26 Nov, 2021 03:22pm

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New parents can take comfort in watching the actor’s daily routine and know it’s not as glamorous as might you think.

Photo: Iqra Aziz/Instagram
Photo: Iqra Aziz/Instagram

Actor Iqra Aziz has recently been enjoying her time as the new mom on the block, which also means she has been missing from the screen for a while. Though we must say, judging by her Instagram feed, motherhood looks good on her. Thankfully, she's been keeping us updated via social media.

Many of her fans as well as other new moms have been looking forward to hearing from her in order to learn from their favourite celebrity. Well look no further — Aziz has a vlog now that guides you through what her day actually looks like.

Here are a few takeaways from her recent video.

Sleeping pattern, what sleeping pattern?

The actor starts her day at the crack of dawn, and there is no chance of extending the alarm five more minutes. “So it’s 6:30 in the morning and Kabir wants to play,” the actor said sleepily in her new vlog. Motherhood is never easy but Aziz sure makes it look like it is. With a few throwbacks thrown into the mix, she also takes the time to greet all of her pets and then hops back in bed. But not for long, because she’s up and about shortly after.

After waking up twice, the actor said that it’s okay to have an inconsistent sleeping pattern as it will be bothersome in the beginning but you will surely get used to it with time.

Asking for help is a great idea

After bidding goodbye to her husband, Aziz makes sure to utilise her time and ticks off all the boxes on her to-do list but when she’s feeling down she doesn’t hesitate to ask for help. This is where your mom comes to the rescue.

With motherhood being a whole new ballgame, the actor documented how it’s okay to ask for help when in need for both physical and emotional support. In her case, it’s her mother and sister who always come in handy when she needs a little bit of help.

It’s okay not to be okay

“Sometimes things get way too difficult, it’s tiring and upsetting and this is motherhood.” The actor alluded to a moment when everything crashes down and you need to find your way up. “There are emotions and lots of other things but it’s most certainly not easy,” said a teary eyed Aziz, who then assured herself that she will be “alright in a short while.”

Most associate these emotional phases with postpartum depression and while we love how women are finding different ways to speak about it, we wish that this topic was highlighted even more and normalised for everybody to understand what a mother goes through.

Looking after yourself is the goal

After putting down the baby for a quick nap the Suno Chanda actor fills up with yummy nutritious food. “Kudos to my sister-in-law and my in-laws in general for introducing me to this filling item called harira and it’s very good for new moms,” Aziz said while having a bowl full of it.

Now you must be wondering what harira is. Harira is originally from Iran and the Middle East and became common in the Subcontinent for its health benefits. According to IeMed, this hot soup is made with milk, almond flour, semolina, a handful of nuts, spices and some jaggery. It’s best for the the post-delivery period and enabling rapid recovery for new mothers.

Guilt-free me time is a must

Motherhood is all about shuffling through lots of work but it is also crucial for you to put yourself first. “It’s now five in the evening and I’ve finally sat down for some me time while Kabir naps. This time I’m snacking on some junk food because why not and watching a movie,” Aziz said while taking some time out for herself. This is a gentle reminder that you should do the same. There’s no harm in prioritising yourself!

Women are often forced to feel guilty when they wish to take time out for themselves because everybody expects them to be only focused on the baby. We’re glad Aziz is using her platform to show people that moms deserve some time of their own.

If you’re a mom — new or not — we hope you’re remembering to take some time out of the day to celebrate yourself and just breathe!