There are 100 special messages hidden in Iqra Aziz's godh bharai dupatta

There are 100 special messages hidden in Iqra Aziz's godh bharai dupatta

Designer Fahad Hussayn explains how they worked to make it an heirloom piece.
02 May, 2021

Celebrity couple Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain just announced that they are going to be having their first child in July and accompanying the announcement on Instagram were radiant images of mother-to-be Aziz at her godh bharai rasam. Close-ups from the event revealed she was wearing an embellished dupatta worked with florals and Urdu script, created for her by designer Fahad Hussayn.

Hussayn recalled Aziz reaching out to him when she was planning on her godh bharai. “I loved that she was having a god bharai rather than a Westernised bridal shower,” the designer told Images. “She told me that she wanted to wear something that she could pass on to her child and we started working on a concept. I asked her to come up with a list of 100 duas, which she did with the help of Yasir and her mother.”

He then created 100 different flowers and the duas were embroidered around them.

“[The duas are] all the wishes she has for her child. If it’s a girl, she wants to pass this dupatta on to her and if it’s a son, then to his wife.”

The list includes advice like "ilm sub say bari daulat hai" (knowledge is the greatest wealth) and "logon ke saath bhalai karo gay toh log bhi tumharay saath bhalai karein gay" (be kind to others and they will be kind to you).

The organza dupatta was paired with a simple peshwas and gharara in chiffon worked with sacha gota.

“Iqra told me that I could decide on the colour myself,” said Hussayn. “We only recently worked together and I suppose she trusted my judgment.”

The actor featured in Hussayn's fashion music video ‘Mera Jora’ that was released earlier this year. Incidentally, the video was filmed shortly after Aziz discovered that she was expecting. “I am very happy for her. She’s an extremely genuine person and this is a very happy time for her. She may be at the peak of her career but she’s also prioritising her family life,” said the designer.

“I think more than anything else, the coronavirus has made us all realise the importance of being surrounded by family.”