Adele’s wish is Spotify’s command

Adele’s wish is Spotify’s command

The streaming platform removed the default shuffle button on albums on the English singer-songwriter's request.
22 Nov, 2021

The release of British singer Adele’s long-awaited album 30 six years after her third album had fans over the moon and if that wasn’t enough, Spotify decided to grant the multiple Grammy and Oscar winner her wish to have her album heard in the order she’d organised it in.

Adele took to Twitter to express her relief.

Adele tweeted that she’d only asked for this one thing from the music industry and it was for the album to be listened to as she’d so thoughtfully structured it. We love that Spotify listened to her and gave artists this option.

Spotify has had the shuffle button as a default setting on all albums, taking away the choice from both the artist for the order they’ve created and from the user who can’t choose an order.

Many artists have asked for this feature in the past, but when Adele asks, Spotify jumps to respond.

Long gone are the days people purchased vinyl copies or CDs to listen to an album — now Spotify is the ultimate source music lovers to get their fix hence, inevitably, every artist keeps the app in mind. Artists like Lady Gaga have also voiced this very concern in the past, stating that an album is a story that needs to follow a chronological order to be understood the way an artist intends it.

Adele thinks so too. She stated that a lot of thought goes into creating a tracklist and that an album is a form of storytelling that should be received as packaged by the artist.

It is no secret that Adele has gone through not only a visible transformation over the years but also an emotional one brought about by some very gruelling personal experiences like divorce. She has relived this in her album, channeling raw emotion in her music. And she’s known for singing songs that make you want to crawl into a hole and howl. Some examples are her old hits ‘Hello’ and ‘Someone Like You’.

A Twitter user said that listening to the album from start to finish seems like Adele’s telling a story about all she’s been through.

30 is closest to Adele’s heart as it comprises of her healing journey from ex-husband Simon Konecki. It has garnered widespread acclaim and broken several UK records within a week, according to CNN. And though there have been mixed reactions to Spotify’s change, fans have thanked Adele for it.

We’ve got to agree with the artist on this one — it takes a lot of courage to bare yourself to the world, a lot goes into shaping the album to both depict accuracy and a certain aesthetic. Art is deeply personal and artists include a lot of themselves in their work, it needs to be treated with the utmost respect and care. Enabling Adele to tell her story as she “intended it” is a great move on Spotify’s part and we’re here for it!


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