'Emotionally brilliant': Singer Adele releases new album '30'

'Emotionally brilliant': Singer Adele releases new album '30'

Critics praise Adele's honesty on the album, her first in six years, which she has described as "sensitive".
19 Nov, 2021

Music star Adele has released her first album in six years, winning over critics and fans alike with the record she said she made to explain her divorce to her young son.

The hotly anticipated 30 is the fourth studio album by the Briton, whose chart-topping ballads about break-ups, regrets and nostalgia have made her one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time.

In their reviews, critics praised Adele's honesty on the album, which she has described as "sensitive" and where the notoriously private singer opens up with touching voice notes recorded with her son Angelo, 9.

"She’s never sounded more ferocious than she does on 30 — more alive to her own feelings, more virtuosic at shaping them into songs in the key of her own damn life," Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield said in his five-star review, adding the album was Adele's best so far.

30 follows the Grammy Award winning 25 and, like her previous albums, is named after a milestone age in the 'Someone Like You' and 'Hello' singer's life. Adele announced her split from her husband Simon Konecki in 2019.

While not all critics were as lavish in their reviews, they welcomed different offerings from the 33-year-old, whose song titles on the album include 'I Drink Wine' and 'All Night Parking'.

"This devastating level of honesty means that, despite its more experimental moments, 30 still winds up feeling like trademark Adele, in its own way, most of the time," El Hunt wrote on music website NME.

"And after fair accusations of playing it safe musically in the past, it’s refreshing to see the pop titan treading braver territory — even if the hit-rate isn’t 100 per cent."

Adele made her music comeback last month with the release of piano ballad 'Easy On Me'.

It quickly topped charts around the world. Expectations are high for '30'.

"I can't get enough of #adele30 it's so emotionally brilliant and worth the 6 year wait," one user wrote on Twitter.

"One second into Adele’s album and I already love it," wrote another fan.


Amin Nov 19, 2021 09:13pm
Who cares!
Chooza Nov 20, 2021 04:31am
Man does not matter the single shoots from the Gun on his shoulders to justify her Piusness. Divorce is not a game, its a private affair, teach your kid another way but not by dumping on your ex, as he is still the father. She is quite boring.
Aisha Nov 20, 2021 06:49am
@Amin The World, apparently
Chooza Nov 21, 2021 08:31am
All the glamour will soon wear out... In an emotional track, My Little Love, the singer includes audio recordings from conversations with her nine-year-old in which he attempts to stop her crying amid her 2019 divorce, which is the key subject of the record. Adele - who shares Angelo with ex-husband Simon - sings: 'I'm so sorry if what I've done makes you feel sad'. In more heart wrenching notes she says 'Tell me you love me', to which Angelo replies, 'I love you, one million per cent. I feel like you like me too.' Adele continues in the tearful voice notes: 'You know Mummy doesn't like anyone else like I like you, right? Mummy's been having a lot of big feelings lately, I'm confused and I don't know what I'm doing.' In more voice notes to her son she says: 'I love your dad because he gave you to me... I've had a bad day, I'm very anxious...