Falak Shabir gushes about the joys of fatherhood and lack of sleep

Falak Shabir gushes about the joys of fatherhood and lack of sleep

The singer answered fans’ questions about his newborn Alyana on his Instagram Stories.
21 Oct, 2021

Falak Shabir and his wife, actor Sarah Khan, welcomed their daughter Alyana Falak to the world and to Instagram on October 8 and have kept us updated on their parenthood journey ever since. The most recent updates came to us through a short interactive session Shabir had with fans on his stories and we love seeing how much he adores his daughter.

Fans did not hold back and asked some really personal questions from the new father to which he responded with both emotion and humour. He was asked if he cried when he held his baby for the first time and he definitely did. It was a very emotional moment after all.

If that doesn’t make you "aww", this picture definitely will.

Shabir answered another question about life after marriage saying it’s “full of sukooooon” (full of peace) but at the same time, when asked about “ratoun ki nind after Alyana” (nights’ sleep after Alyana) he jokingly said “Don’t ask, suddenly sentiments have changed, the situation has changed".

Fans threw the holy grail of baby music into the mix and asked whether Alyana listens to 'Baby Shark' — who’d blame her if she did? We know we’ve doo-doo-ed to that song more than we’d like. Shabir took this as an opportunity to promote himself, declaring even babies enjoy his music.

When asked about future additions to the family, he says “bachay 2 hee achay” [two kids is a good number]. We stan a woke couple who believes in family planning.

The singer-songwriter took more questions to express immense gratitude for his wife and daughter, mentioning his greatest desire being performing umrah with his family.

It is incredibly refreshing to see parents candidly sharing their journey with the public, especially individuals that have the power to influence. We loved this little exchange which gave us insight into another aspect of Falak Shabir and we’ve got to say, fatherhood looks good on him. Don’t you agree?


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M. Saeed Oct 22, 2021 12:02pm
Why such a hype? It is just another of the over 18,000 babies born every day in Pakistan.