Falak Shabir's new song 'Zindagi' is a love letter to Sarah Khan on their wedding anniversary

Falak Shabir's new song 'Zindagi' is a love letter to Sarah Khan on their wedding anniversary

The song is super romantic and has left fans screaming "couple goals" all around.
16 Jul, 2021

Get yourself a guy who releases a new song to celebrate your wedding anniversary ladies. Actor Sarah Khan did — her husband Falak Shabir recently released song 'Zindagi' to mark their first wedding anniversary.

Khan has previously shared teasers of the song with her followers on social media.

The song is an expression of Shabir's affection and devotion for his wife. The music video shows the couple engaged in moments of intimacy and we truly appreciate the couple for not shying away from depicting healthy and intimate relationships as they are in real life.

Comments have also started pouring in and fans are congratulating the couple on their wedding anniversary as well as lauding them for the love they show for one another.

Shabir and Khan have often publicly expressed their affection towards each other since their marriage. The singer often posts videos of himself giving flowers to Khan on social media

The couple has also announced that they are set to welcome their first child. Shabir took to Instagram to make the announcement. "Alhumdulillah we’re expecting our first child. Remember us in your prayers," the singer wrote.

Shabir and Khan tied the knot in 2020. Their wedding was a full filled event with family and friends.

What we enjoyed most about the music video wasn't the music itself, it was the simple joy Khan and Shabir took in each other's company. Yes, they hugged in the video, but they there wasn't an excess of PDA. They managed to show how in love they are through their smiles and shared glances and we love it.


Zubair Rahmani Jul 16, 2021 07:27pm
Wait for 2-3 years for same old celeb sob story about their divorse.
Hyra Jul 16, 2021 08:10pm
They are such a showoff and paying heavy to PR. Zero achievements or hardly any contribution anywhere
NYS Jul 16, 2021 08:16pm
First year of marriage is considered the year of adjustment Affiliated dedication in abundance
tQ Jul 16, 2021 09:36pm
This couple has achieved something unbelievable by staying together for one year. Need to check previous individual records!
ak4pk Jul 16, 2021 11:19pm
A couple in absolute love, a beautiful sight and a tremendous feeling of joy to see them bonded so well in their first year of wedding. Wishing them a lifetime of this experience. A couple of kisses on each other’s cheeks would have lifted the video ten fold, nothing wrong with it, they are married.
ak4pk Jul 16, 2021 11:26pm
@Zubair Rahmani, man don’t be so pessimistic, learn to wish everyone the very best in life, it will brighten your days.
ak4pk Jul 16, 2021 11:47pm
@Hyra, they have a sizeable fan base, they have the means, they are sharing the joys of their first wedding anniversary with their family of followers and as an added bonus anyone can listen to the track free of charge. Am not a member of Sara’s fan club but do like her acting. Enjoyed watching their wedding anniversary celebration video. Wish them and every couple in this whole wide world an equally beautiful life together of course within their means. I am not sure as to what achievement or contribution you are looking for.
Corruption fighter Jul 17, 2021 04:58am
Just too forward for Islamists, but not me!
ST Jul 17, 2021 07:19am
Why should people know about your romanticism? Please keep it to yourselves and be modest.
Sameer Khan Jul 17, 2021 09:51am
@Hyra When you’re not happy for others, as and how they are, it shows your own misery.
Zakiuddin Jul 17, 2021 02:34pm
I love Sarah khan.
AJ Jul 17, 2021 07:00pm
Shouldn't exaggerate the relationship on media.
APakiAbroad Jul 18, 2021 05:41am
Its sad how pathetic most Pakistanis are to the point that they can't even be happy with, let alone enjoy a couple who loves each other. You all are grown up in toxic families with no love for each other and it shows.
noor kazmi Jul 18, 2021 10:59am
@Zubair Rahmani positive...pray for them
noor kazmi Jul 18, 2021 11:00am
be positive...pray for them