Five hydrating skincare products you need to get your hands on this winter season

These moisturisers, hydrating toners and face oils are holy grail items for many and are all available in Pakistan.
27 Oct, 2021

Winter is approaching in Pakistan and our skin is already feeling the effects of the weather change. It's time to tweak our skincare routine and some hydrating products are all we need to keep our skin healthy. In case you're confused about what to add to your line of skincare, we've listed our five favourite hydrating products to make your lives a lot easier. Your skin can thank us later.

It's pretty important to pay attention to the products you're using when winter rolls in. What worked well for your skin in the summer might not have the same effect in the winter. The cold can bring on changes such as skin tightness, peeling, dryness, and even cracked skin and it is important to nourish the skin by using moisturisers, hydrating toners or face oils.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil by The Ordinary

The Ordinary has become a household name amongst skincare enthusiasts in Pakistan and many vouch for its products — including the bestselling 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. The oil is a "nourishing, pro-Vitamin A oil, rich in linoleic and linolenic acids", ingredients perfect for battling "dehydration, and dullness".

You can buy the product here.

Cerapair - Barrier Repair Moisturiser by Primary Skincare

We're pretty happy to include a home-grown skincare brand in our list, and we've included Cerapair mainly because of the glowing reviews it has received over time. Cerapair has ceramides and niacinamide to "target sensitive, sensitised and dry skin and aid barrier repair". The ingredients list includes vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba and argan oil.

You can order the product on their official website.

Glow Toner by Primary Skincare

Don't be fooled by this product's liquid light outlook because it packs a powerful punch. The Glow Toner combines "powerful botanical extracts such as aloe, chamomile and lavender with a gentle concentration of 3% Glycolic acid", the secret sauce we need for well hydrated skin.

Moisturizing Cream by CeraVe

Many women swear by this particular cream across the world and it can easily be found in stores and online in Pakistan. The Moisturizing Cream includes hyaluronic acid and ceramides and is perfect for anyone looking to keep their skin healthy, hydrated, and moisturised.

Some of the places you can find the cream are here and here

Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream by COSRX

Korean skincare took the world of skincare by storm and for good reason — these products are often packed with rich ingredients that nourish the skin. This particular COSRX item is effective because of its key ingredient, snail mucin. While the ingredient might not sit well with you at first, you need not worry. The product doesn't feel or smell weird at all, in fact it feels quite soothing on application.

You can find the product here.

While all these products have worked wonders for many folks battling winter skin, it is always better to research beforehand and see whether the product will suit your skin type. It doesn't hurt to consult a skin specialist either in case you're eager to try out a product and have a pre-existing skin condition.