18 Oct, 2021

There's never a dull day on Twitter when it comes to memes. The latest ones that have people breaking into laughter are the 'evil xxx be like' memes that depict a person doing the opposite of what they've famously said or done where the 'xxx' is where the person's name goes. Singers and musicians have especially fallen prey to Twitter's merry band of meme-makers.

The red flags memes had just vanished from our Twitter feeds only to be replaced by the hilarious 'evil xxx be like' ones. The trend is being followed on social media all across the world and the ones being churned out by desi Twitter are especially funny to us.

Take the meme about 'Angel' singer Taher Shah for starters.

In case singer Meesha Shafi was thinking of coming up with a remixed version of 'Hot Mango Chutney Sauce', here's a song name suggestion she might like to consider.

Singer Natasha Noorani's song 'Choro' wasn't spared either. It got her stamp of approval too.

Irish musician Hozier doesn't exactly have nice things to say about his lover in this one.

And this Taylor Swift from a parallel universe thinks you do not belong with me.

Pakistani band Vital Signs couldn't escape the trend either.

Nor could Strings, who were giving their bichra yaar a pretty hard time.

Evil is currently reigning supreme on Twitter. What would your favourite celebrity's evil version say?