Here are five style highlights from PM Imran on his 69th birthday

Here are five style highlights from PM Imran on his 69th birthday

Is it really an Imran Khan outfit without a waistcoat and Peshawari chapal?
Updated 12 Mar, 2022

In honour of Prime Minister Imran Khan's 69th birthday today (October 5) we wanted to take a look at some of the premier's most iconic fashion looks.

Since he has become prime minister, he hasn't really given us much in terms of variety. He also doesn't really go all out with his outfits so this piece was kind of difficult to put together, but we found that while there isn't much variety, the items the premier wears have become rather symbolic.

The waistcoat

When you say Imran Khan, most people will instantly picture his shalwar kameez-waistcoat combination. Since taking office, PM Imran has begun wearing this combo all the time.

And while other men make statements with their ties, the premier makes them with his waistcoats. He has different coloured waistcoats that he pairs with different shalwar kameez but he has never gone too wild with the colours.

Peshawari chapal

We all know the PM likes wearing Peshawari chapal. Everyone knows that, including some high-end designers. Remember when Christian Louboutin 'redesigned' [read: appropriated] the shoes and called them Imran Sandals?

Of all the sandals PM Imran has worn though, these are the most interesting to us.


The prime minister is nothing if not consistent in his fashion. He's been wearing these shades for a while.

Popped collar polos

We don't really vibe with the trend of popped collar polo shirts but hey, you do you.

We do, however, know one thing about the PM and his fondness for polos — he likes to wear them to exercise.

All black outfits

If it's one thing we enjoy about the PM's fashion, it's that he knows the power of an all-black fit.

He also wears all-blue outfits too!

But if we're talking fashion, can we go back to this era?

The 80s hair, sweater and that pose. Whoever took this picture ought to be hired to take all of the prime minister's official pictures from now on. We wouldn't mind seeing a fashion shoot featuring the premier.