'You inspired generations': Entertainment industry bids a tearful farewell to the legendary Umer Sharif

'You inspired generations': Entertainment industry bids a tearful farewell to the legendary Umer Sharif

Celebrities pour their hearts out on social media to pay tribute to the veteran entertainer many simply called 'a legend'.
02 Oct, 2021

Pakistan's entertainment industry was floored by the tragic news of the demise of veteran entertainer Umer Sharif on Saturday afternoon. Social media was flooded with condolences and outpourings of grief as well as tributes to a man many simply called "a legend".

Journalist Waseem Badami was one of the first few people to tweet about the news.

Actor Asad Siddiqui said Sharif is the reason why so many comedians are standing where they are right now.

Actor and singer Omar Shahzad prayed for Sharif's soul and said he will be missed

Comedian and rapper Ali Gul Pir believes Sharif will continue spreading smiles in heaven.

Former Strings frontman Bilal Maqsood said Sharif will live forever in our hearts.

Actor Aagha Ali thanked Sharif for decades of laughter.

Actor Sana Javed called Sharif a legend who taught many around the world to stay graceful while doing comedy. “He inspired generations,” she said.

Actor Zainab Qayoom shared a watercolour of the veteran comedian with a prayer for him.

“Heartbroken to receive the devastating news of our very own king of comedy Umer Sharif,” wrote actor Faysal Quraishi.

“He was a true gem in our industry and nothing short of a legend amongst us.”

Actor and producer Fahad Mustafa declared it the end of an era.

“You made us laugh so much and in the end left all of us heartbroken. Go, regale the heaven with your jokes,” said actor Adnan Siddiqui.

“Here’s to the King of Comedy,” said actor Osman Khalid Butt.

Singer Fakhre Alam thanked Sharif for all the laughs, saying he would live on forever.

Indian comedian Kapil Sharma paid tribute to Sharif as well.

Singer Ali Zafar declared himself at a loss for words at Sharif's passing.

Sharif, who was 66 at the time of his passing, began his career in the world of theatre. He captured the Karachi audience’s attention who liked to have light, uncomplicated fun that allowed them to have a good laugh and go back home without scratching their head as to what a particular line or dialogue meant.

Sharif became a nationwide hit and his stage plays — Bakra Qiston Per and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai being the most famous — were played on audio cassettes in shops and homes in Lahore and blaring through the speakers installed in minibuses (W-11) in Karachi.

He later graduated to films and his stay in Lahore as a film actor and director was reasonably fruitful — Mr 420 is an example. However, with the advent of satellite TV and exponential expansion of the electronic medium, Sharif returned to his hometown Karachi, did plays and even hosted talk shows on a few channels.


Kulsoom Baloch Oct 02, 2021 03:21pm
We lost our victory.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 02, 2021 03:26pm
What a grave, grim, grisly, gigantic, gruesome, gross and great tragedy? Inna Lilla Hay Waa Inna Illehey Rajayoon.
M. Saeed Oct 02, 2021 03:31pm
Life is like that. All the efforts failed by some hours. If sent in time to the US, he would have survived. Doctors gave him 24 hours critical but the air ambulance came late by 3 days.
NYS Oct 02, 2021 03:37pm
RIP the Legend
NYS Oct 02, 2021 03:46pm
News broke like a bombshell emercely sorry to the gerieved family members RIP
Jo Oct 02, 2021 03:53pm
nna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un
anwar Oct 02, 2021 04:12pm
R I P, was it really wise to move Omar abroad when he was in such a serious condition? how sad it is, but as ordained the will of the Lord must take its course.
Afsar Rayan Canada. Oct 02, 2021 04:32pm
Will be missed, you bring happiness to our tired mind and soul.RIP from Canada on behalf of all Canadians who loves you.
haris Oct 02, 2021 04:34pm
@M. Saeed You don't miss any chance to criticize. He was sent via air ambulance on time but stop short in Germany as he his heart couldn't bear the hardship of air travel. IMO! Umer sb should have stayed in Pakistan but whatever written in his fate, has to happened.
Lahoriyaa Oct 02, 2021 05:12pm
Ah!!!lots of smiles he taken off with hin
well-wisher Oct 02, 2021 05:49pm
RIP, a PK Legend. Condolences to family.
Shakir Oct 02, 2021 06:47pm
A timeless Legend.
Amit Singh Oct 02, 2021 06:48pm
RIP Legend. Love and Respect from across the border. You will continue to live in our hearts.
nk Oct 02, 2021 06:53pm
@M. Saeed Life is like that. Now do not make a fuss out of that, That family itself were hiding his illness until last month. His time in this world was this much and we all have to accept and pray for his soul.
SSA Oct 02, 2021 06:56pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Why is it a grave, grim, grisly, gigantic, gruesome, gross and great tragedy? We are muslims Death is bar-Haq, it will come to all humans? it seems even though a Dr. But you have no clue of the fundamentals of human condition
H Oct 02, 2021 07:12pm
In all honesty he was overrated. Babu baral, Mastana, Amananulla was way superior
zf Oct 02, 2021 07:12pm
@M. Saeed That's a ridiculous comment. Air travel takes a huge toll on even healthy people, and he was quite ill to make the journey at all. 3 days or 30 days wouldn't have mattered. What would've mattered was early diagnosis of his health conditions. Doctors in Pakistan just can't diagnose anything properly. They're at a complete of loss of knowledge and skill. If the doctors can't diagnose the problem, how can they treat the illness? That's the gist! Sending to US or elsewhere isn't a magic solution, as proven unfortunately. Proper diagnosis followed by treatment. Our medics don't have a clue!
RAja Raman Oct 02, 2021 07:17pm
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Oct 02, 2021 07:31pm
Massive loss for our entertainment industry. We have lost our comedy king. You will always be missed Umer Sharif. Rip
Firangi Oct 02, 2021 07:48pm
Enjoyed his wit sarhad ke paar as well, RIP
Ali Wadood Oct 02, 2021 07:49pm
sad news RIP,
Uncle Talking Oct 02, 2021 08:07pm
World lost it's best stand up comedian. No words, it feels like a personal loss.
Mustafa Oct 02, 2021 08:15pm
Our greatest comedian and his show Bakra qistoo pai will always be legendary
Sophie Oct 02, 2021 08:16pm
@M. Saeed don’t blame the air ambulance. It was his time to return to the Lord.
Javed Feroz Oct 02, 2021 08:36pm
Nuclear power pakistan cannot even provide basic medical facilities to its population — everyone has to leave pakistan for basic medical treatments abroad Could CPEC be used to create a single decent hospital in pakistan?! Shame on imran niazi and the pakistani government
Gulshan Omar Oct 02, 2021 09:50pm
Very Sad. Rest In Peace Sir.
Rayhan Oct 02, 2021 10:54pm
Both legendary comedians, Umar Sharif and Moeen Akhtar left this world unexpectedly. Both made everyone laugh and were masters of their art. Such talents are extremely rare. RIP Umer sb.! Thank you for making everyone laugh during all the tough times.
Sabuhi Oct 02, 2021 11:39pm
The early 90s in Karachi was a tumultuous period. It witnessed violence and blood shed never before heard about in the country. I can clearly recall how quiet the streets would get on Friday afternoons. My dear, Omar Sharif, your stage shows watched by many in their living rooms was such a joy amidst our everyday hopelessness.
parveez shafi Oct 03, 2021 01:28am
@M. Saeed No one to blame, his time was up.
parveez shafi Oct 03, 2021 01:30am
Thanks for making us laugh. May Allahsubantahla 0pen the doors of Janet for you.
Ubaid Muzaffar Oct 03, 2021 02:33am
You are a true Legend of Pakistan...
Rami Oct 03, 2021 07:18am
RIP he was a Legend of comedy
Ali da Malanga Oct 03, 2021 07:34am
An original, brilliant, and rare talent. Maybe it was angels turn to enjoy his company.
anwar Oct 03, 2021 12:39pm
@H - you're right but the ranking does't always depend on the merit or talent of a person but on how manipulative is the community to which he/she belongs.
AZAM AKBAR Oct 03, 2021 04:25pm
@H Mr. H, Scripts and presentations play the role.
AZAM AKBAR Oct 03, 2021 04:41pm
Rest In Peace.
Jimmy Oct 03, 2021 06:51pm
@H in Punjab maybe not in Pakistan..
Jimmy Oct 03, 2021 06:55pm
He brought smile to the faces of millions across the world for years n years.. May he get jaza for that. Ameen
Rohail Oct 03, 2021 07:38pm
There are only few people who can make everyone happy and Mr Umar Sharit was one of them. He can die and leave this world but he can not leave the place in everyone's heart which he made with his sense of humor.
Saad Sait Oct 03, 2021 08:05pm
who's this guy? Never heard of him...
Haris Khan Oct 03, 2021 08:31pm
@SSA: Only if he had a clue of what 'redunduncy' is in English language.
Haris Khan Oct 03, 2021 08:38pm
@Javed Feroz: Why just IK, and not each and every one of them that ruled before him? And while we're at it, why also not our people that don't know how to demand and take their rights?
Waqar (UK) Oct 03, 2021 11:55pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad. His demise was far from 'Grisly, Gruesome and Gross'. He wasn't murdered.
Rahul Oct 04, 2021 12:25am
My childhood memories filled watching Bakra kishto mein, Budda Ghar par hai.. also was amazed with the fact how much similar are people from Pakistan. RIP Umar bhai
Faiz Oct 04, 2021 04:49am
RIP. Great entertainer. Will be missed by all including fans in india
Maxx Oct 04, 2021 10:16am
The tragic death of OS reveals the real dilemma of the country: lack of state of art medical facilities...critical ill patients die while traveling overseas...or being brought from rural to urban areas! NGOs and good Samaritans cannot fill this vacuum; government has to develop state of art medical facilities all over the country!
Solangi Oct 04, 2021 02:30pm
@Maxx Very true! But when crooks rule continue unchecked! People will continue to suffer!
Thinker Oct 04, 2021 05:38pm
@Javed Feroz shame on you Indian Bot. using a muslim name to spread hate.