Shehzad Roy locates 'children' in viral Hunza band video and sends them instruments

Shehzad Roy locates 'children' in viral Hunza band video and sends them instruments

To his surprise, he learnt that the video was 10 years old and that they weren't children anymore.
23 Sep, 2021

Remember when Shehzad Roy posted a video of a group of children making music and promised to find them and send them instruments? Well, the singer just made good on his promise.

On August 11, Roy posted a video of a group of children and asked for leads to find them.

The video went viral and even lead to Indian actor Anupam Kher claiming them as Indians, something Roy quickly and politely corrected.

Roy's perseverance paid off and he has finally found the children but it turns out that many of them are no longer children. The video is 10 years old.

The singer recently posted a video in which he explained that when he was younger, he had a guitar but no distortion pedal. It had to be purchased from abroad and he still remembers the joy he felt when he finally got his hands on one.

"When I saw the video of the kids using plastic boxes to make music, which sounded great, I remembered that distortion pedal," he said. The singer made it a mission to find them somehow and send them instruments.

I found out that they were in Hunza and that the video was made 10 years ago. They're all older but we asked them if they had instruments and they said they didn't. Roy and some friends gathered the instruments and employed the services of Rider to send the precious goods to Hunza.

The video he posted included a montage of the boys recreating the original video, something he had requested of them. It also included a shot of Kashif Nawaz, the founder of Josh Band, thanking Roy for the instruments.

In a world full of hate and garbage on social media, it's nice to remind ourselves sometimes that the internet isn't all that bad. That the boys were found and given these instruments demonstrates the power of social media and kindness. We're glad Roy saw the video and was able to make some people very happy.


Rubina Aleem Sep 23, 2021 12:52pm
Well done Shahzad! and thank you for setting such a cute example.
NYS Sep 23, 2021 12:55pm
Positive gesture Roy! When the video was made a decade ago
Sheeraz Soomro - Differently-Abled Sep 23, 2021 01:56pm
@Shehzad Roy ... I request you to please make a video song for the "Solidarity with Differently-Abled (Special) persons in Pakistan" as no body is leading them. In December 2020, PM Imran Khan announces stipend of Rs. 2,000 per month for families of differently-abled persons under new Ehsaas policy. This per month stipend supposed to be given after June 2021 but now Sep 2021 is on going still no progress. Please raise your voice and plan to launch your song on the International day for Persons with Disabilities on Dec 3, 2021.
Ahmar Qureshi Sep 24, 2021 11:34am
They say "Sing When You Win" that's what those young kids did so & regards for Shahzad Roy for being a Zindigi addition :-)
Watchmann Sep 24, 2021 04:43pm
Good for Shehzad Roy!Way to Go--bringing up the next generation!