Singer Shehzad Roy honours hero dog Hawk for his services in the fight against drugs

Published 27 Aug, 2021 04:24pm

Images Staff

For the singer, Hawk is one of the many animals whose sacrifices are 'no less than the sacrifices made by humans' for Pakistan.

Singer Shehzad Roy is the harbinger of kindness and positivity that we sorely need. Recently, he took to social media to highlight and hail the efforts of Hawk the dog, a Pakistan Customs canine who lost his eyesight whilst performing his duties in the fight against narcotics.

The singer posted a picture of the loveable Hawk on social media and introduced the canine in a heartfelt message to his followers. "This is Hawk. He was born on 5th February, 2017. He has been actively working as Pakistan Custom's K-9 drug detector for the past around three years," he wrote.

"Canine sniffers develop multiple complications due to exposure to toxic drugs during regular training and detections," Roy continued. "[Hawk] was unfortunate as he lost his eye sight earlier than normal canines. Though he has been fully vaccinated and had access to regular check ups in renowned vet clinics of the city but his eyesight could not be saved."

Roy explained that Hawk's condition unfortunately is a norm amongst many drug detecting dogs in active service. "This is an occupational hazard that these brave first line defenders have to face," he explained. "Their service and sacrifice for the country is in no way less than the sacrifices made by humans, who are in active service for the country, as they suffer their excruciating ailments without being able to utter a single word. What a hero for Pakistan!"

Dogs are often trained to detect explosives, illegal drugs and other substances worldwide. Pakistan too has used the services of these sniffer dogs to detect harmful substances. It's a tough job, and we hope that these canines are given the best veterinarian services to counter health complications as much as possible. We also appreciate Roy for highlighting these fine furry heroes and their services to the country.