Tributes pour in for the queen of melody, the late Noor Jehan, on her birthday

Tributes pour in for the queen of melody, the late Noor Jehan, on her birthday

The celebrated singer was fondly remembered by family and devoted fans around the world.
22 Sep, 2021

Netizens paid tribute to one of Pakistan's most celebrated singers, the late Noor Jehan, on her birthday on September 21. The queen of melody's legacy is cherished by fans the world over and many took to social media to pay tribute to her beautiful songs, charismatic personality and patriotism, including her family.

Born in Kasur to a family of musicians, she started her career after her family's move to Calcutta where she received musical training and became a child star in Urdu and Punjabi movies. In 1947, Noor Jehan moved to Pakistan, after which she acted in a series of films and even directed one, Chanway. She rose to fame for her singing abilities in the milieu of classical music in the country.

The queen of melody's family lovingly remembered their time with her on her birthday. Granddaughter Natasha Ali Lakhani took to Instagram to share moments with her grandmother. "Walking down memory lane, my stunning Nano with a bald and perplexed looking me [as a baby]," she wrote. "Other than the outer persona that was larger than life, her incredible talent that shall last through all times to come, I miss the snippets of the woman she was when she was with her nearest and dearest. Her humour, that twinkle in her eye, her bhunni murghi , daal and that aloo ki bhujiya that no one in the family can still replicate.

"Her love for tuna fish sandwiches and corn on the cob," Lakhani continued. "Her love for fashion and makeup. Watching her get ready or roam around the counters of Selfridges for endless hours. Her praying like I have never seen anyone pray, her faith stronger than anyone I have ever known. I realised who she was much later in life. Even when I didn’t know her as Madam Noor Jehan, I always knew she was special. A diamond in both body and spirit. God’s true special child, now with her Allah. I am so lucky to have had both paternal and maternal grandparents that have made me the person I am today. I have learnt more from their humbleness than I have from their greatness & that itself makes them all the greatest of the greats," she wrote.

Noor Jehan's daughter Hina Durrani also remembered her mother fondly. "Another person I celebrate this week and every waking moment of my life is my [beloved mother]," she wrote on Instagram. "Not a single second has gone by since you left us where we all don’t miss hugging you, laughing with you, being babied by you, being spoilt by you and being absolutely loved by you. Your laugh, your voice, your face — You. How I long to just hold you again [beloved mother]. I pray you are resting in the highest ranks of Paradise, eternally at peace."

Daughter Mina Hassan also took to Instagram to post a special message. "Remembering my mother today," she began. "In addition to being an icon, an incredibly brave woman and the most wonderful singer, my family and I also experienced the nurturing and caring mother that Madam Noor Jehan was in her private life. Thank you for all the love you gave us, the delicious meals you cooked for us and for being a feminine icon in a country ruled by men in the 50s and 60s. Love and miss you more than words can describe."

Noor Jehan's fans also took to Twitter to post tributes to the singer.

"On Noor Jehan’s birthday today, this is the only song that makes sense to share, ‘Gaye Gi Duniya Geet Mare’ by Noor Jehan," a user posted on Twitter.

On Noor Jehan’s birthday, wish she were still 'hamesha kol' saaday (always near us)," a tweet read.

"Happy birthday Noor Jehan," a user posted.

“'Bhul Jaan Sab Gham Dunya De' is my favourite song of hers after 'Mujhse Pehli Si Muhabbat'. There is no one even close to Noor Jehan’s impeccable and unmatched singing," another user tweeted fondly.

Almost 21 years after her passing, Noor Jehan is still one of the most celebrated singers in Pakistan and is remembered for far more than just her music.


M. Saeed Sep 22, 2021 01:21pm
Her charismatic personality also had many kinks on which many books have been written.
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M. Saeed Sep 22, 2021 01:26pm
Last picture above is perhaps her best.
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NYS Sep 22, 2021 02:31pm
Late Maàm is the eternal legend ...
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Saif Zulfiqar Sep 22, 2021 06:30pm
Noorjehan was the best in Indian and Pakistaniscfilms. Always miss her.
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Ahmed Sep 22, 2021 07:00pm
There will not be another Noor Jehan or even somebody that comes close.
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gt Sep 22, 2021 10:52pm
You will never find again for long time NOOR JEHAN .RIP
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