Guitarist Faraz Anwar says he was denied the opportunity to rent a house because he's a musician

Guitarist Faraz Anwar says he was denied the opportunity to rent a house because he's a musician

He shared his troubling experience on social media and asked fellow entertainers to stand up for their rights.
21 Sep, 2021

Guitar maestro Faraz Anwar recently took to social media to share how he was recently denied housing on rent because he is a musician. He shared his troubling experience with his followers on social media.

Anwar was the lead guitarist in Noori’s live album Live at the Rock Musicarium and the frontman of rock band Mizraab. He has also made several appearances in Coke Studio.

He posted on Facebook to narrate his experience. "Yesterday I went to see a house portion for rent in Gulshan-e-Iqbal," he said. "The landlord asked me what do I do so I told him that I am a musician and singer. Today the landlord called me and said we can't give our house [to you] on rent cause you're a musician and we are very religious people."

Anwar said he doesn't "know what to expect from now on". "People over here are extremely religious," he continued. "We say everyone has freedom in Islam but this is how we treat our artists! This is so shameful and disgusting. Wake up musicians, this is how Pakistan is going to treat you. Stand up for your rights or leave this profession cause this is not [considered] a profession here anyways . We musicians are Muslims and believers at the same time; when people need entertainment they call us, when artists need a place on rent they say we can't give our place to non-believers [like you].

"You can't even open a bank account in Pakistan if you say you are a musician. Thanks to Pakistan for everything," Anwar said.

The guitarist shared another post to further clarify his point of contention.

"Let me clarify that it's not about renting a place it's about the musician rights," he said. "Musicians or artists can't open a bank account unless they lie. You can't write your profession on national ID card. Musicians can't rent out place for their families."

Anwar ultimately expressed his disappointment and said that perhaps what society truly wants from artists is "to keep their mouth shut and ignore what is happening".

The musician received support from singer and filmmaker Yasir Jaswal in the form of an Instagram Story.