Yasir Nawaz's parody of wife Nida's viral Formula 1 video has the internet in fits of laughter

Published 09 Sep, 2021 04:57pm

Images Staff

Looks like the actor isn't beyond trolling his wife in good humour and we adore their light-hearted relationship dynamic.

Actor and director Yasir Nawaz won over the internet with his hilarious parody of wife Nida Yasir's viral video on Formula 1. The actor poked fun at Yasir in good humour and netizens can't help but appreciate their lighthearted relationship dynamic.

Yasir became the butt of the internet's jokes when a video clip of her from 2016 went viral on Twitter. The clip was from an episode of Yasir's television show — Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital — in which she asked her guests some pretty absurd questions about Formula 1 racing.

The internet has churned out a variety of jokes and memes to poke fun at the morning show host's comments, and it looks like her husband didn't want to miss out on the fun either. He posted a video on Instagram, mimicking Nida's comments from the video.

Twitter was only too keen to share Nawaz's parody video. "Yasir Nawaz mimics his wife Nida Yasir's hilarious Formula car video and we can't stop laughing," a user posted.

While we adored Nawaz's wholesome trolling, other users jokingly worried whether the actor would have to face serious repercussions for the video at home. "Poor Yasir Nawaz will now have to clean the dishes for a week to prove he's sorry for the joke," a tweet read.

Some users couldn't help but remember the Hollywood couple, actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who are famous from poking fun at each other publicly. "Yasir Nawaz pulling off an Ali Gul [Pir] and what Ryan Reynolds does best, roast his own wife," a user tweeted.

The couple have done their part in keeping the internet entertained these past few days and we have a feeling there's plenty more where that came from.