Nida Yasir's poorly researched interview has Twitter users rolling on the floor in laughter

Nida Yasir's poorly researched interview has Twitter users rolling on the floor in laughter

Our TV show hosts really need to start doing some background research before calling guests on their shows.
04 Sep, 2021

You can run but you can't hide from the internet when it comes to digging up embarrassing things and TV show host Nida Yasir is learning that the hard way. A clip was recently shared on Twitter of a 2016 show Yasir did in which she asked her guests some pretty inane questions about Formula 1 racing.

In May 2016, Yasir interviewed Abdul Aleem and Mohammad Shariq War on her show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital. The young men were part of a team from NUST that had built an electric racing car and were going to the Formula Student in the US.

Somehow, the video was recently reshared on Twitter and went viral, especially for Yasir's questions. It seemed as if she had done zero research before calling her guests on the show and asked them inane questions, like why don't you have a three-person race car. She also didn't seem to understand what Formula 1 was.

By and large, most people who saw the video were left shaking their heads.

Some watched and shared it for the sheer entertainment value.

Many can't get her questions out of their heads.

But there's something to be grateful for.

Some users took notes to use it as a defence tactic.

Many applauded the young guests for not laughing. To be honest, we can't say we would have been able to keep straight faces.

Some found videos proving that Yasir was not alone in her level of research.

One user wanted people to stop bashing Yasir for not knowing what Formula 1 racing was.

But others knew that as a talkshow host, it's her job to know what her guests do.

There's some new technology on the way, according to this user.

Would her content be the same if she did research, asked the internet. Probably not.

Someone wanted the internet to cut her some slack because it's not like the rest of us are geniuses out here.

If nothing else, thank you Nida Yasir for the laughs.