Wahaj Ali and Zara Noor Abbas pair up for an upcoming web series

Wahaj Ali and Zara Noor Abbas pair up for an upcoming web series

The series has been written by Umera Ahmed and is being directed by Haseeb Hassan.
01 Sep, 2021

Actors Zara Noor Abbas and Wahaj Ali will be seen together in an upcoming web series written by Umera Ahmed. The series is being directed and produced by Haseeb Hassan.

"You are going to see me romancing Zara Noor Abbas in this one and it’s something really nice," Ali told Images. "It’s far too early to disclose the story at the moment, but I can tell you it’s an Umera Ahmed script."

He disclosed how glad he was to be working on a project by both Ahmed and Hassan. "[I am] really honoured to be working on something with these names behind the project," he said.

"Haseeb Bhai is amazing. The time, the details and effort he puts behind each shot and scene is something of an actor’s dream."

Ali said Abbas was an equal delight to work with. "She is an actor who lights up the camera," Ali said. "[She gives] amazing positive vibes to work with. So happy we are finally getting to share the screen together as we have known each other from before."

The ensemble cast also includes Hina Bayat, Javed Sheikh, Yasra Rizvi, Dur e Fishan, and others.

Hassan was recently nominated for best television director by the 20th Lux Style Awards for the drama Alif. He and Ahmed previously worked together on Dhoop Ki Deewar for the streaming service ZEE5.