Cricket journalist's 'joke' triggers an angry outburst from Sarfaraz Ahmed on Twitter

Published 31 Aug, 2021 05:49pm

Images Staff

The cricketer did not find her reference to a controversial past incident all that funny.

Sarfaraz Ahmed was not too thrilled at a joke recently made by a cricket journalist on Twitter. The cricketer and former captain of Pakistan's cricket team posted a startlingly angry reply when cricket journalist Aalia Rasheed tweeted a quip aimed at Ahmed, referencing a controversial incident from his time as team captain.

It all started when Ahmed's wife — Khushbakht Sarfaraz — posted an adorable video of her husband baking his special 'Sarfaraz Ahmed pasta'. The video showed Ahmed putting pasta dishes into the oven while wearing his oven mitts inside out.

The video proved to be quite the hit on social media. Ahmed's buddies and fellow cricket players Shadab Khan and Hassan Ali couldn't get enough of the video either. They posted replies on the video, teasing the former captain and his wife about Ahmed's cooking adventures.

"You've put our captain to work as soon as he came back home bhabi," Khan joked in his tweet.

Ali asked the captain to tell him the secret to his cooking talent.

Khan cheekily posted another reply, asking the former captain to treat him and Ali to tea he had prepared himself.

This is when cricket journalist Rasheed jumped into the conversation and made a joke. "Bro take it easy! You're asking him to make tea when him giving away water created such a storm," she replied.

Rasheed's little quip did not sit well with Ahmed at all. "We're talking about something else here and yet you're saying something completely different. First of all, you should not be part of this conversation at all, this isn't about cricket. It would be better if you kept your opinion to the game and did not force yourself into a personal conversation," the cricketer replied.

Rasheed seemed quite alarmed by Ahmed's reply, after which she tweeted to clarify that it had only been a joke.

Talk about a strong reaction. Rasheed's joke referenced the controversy stirred up during a Pakistan versus England match in 2020. Pictures of Ahmed bringing water to the field had gone viral for all the wrong reasons on social media, triggering strong protests from Ahmed's fans who stated he deserved to be treated with more respect as a senior player and former team captain.

Ahmed isn't the first Pakistani cricket player to blow up at a journalist's 'joke' on Twitter. Babar Azam lashed out in 2018 to a tweet by journalist Zainab Abbas congratulating him for his performance in a match against New Zealand.

It seems like neither player likes jokes at their expense on Twitter. Do you think Ahmed's reaction to the joke was justified?