Junaid Safdar wins over the internet by singing at his nikah ceremony

Junaid Safdar wins over the internet by singing at his nikah ceremony

He really knows how to belt out a soulful song, earning him the praise of celebrities and netizens alike.
25 Aug, 2021

A video of Junaid Safdar — son of PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz and Captain Muhammad Safdar Awan— singing at his nikah ceremony has been making rounds on social media and it's safe to say that his vocals and choice of song has won the hearts of many netizens, regardless of their political affiliations.

Junaid recently wed Ayesha Saif Khan in London and social media was hooked, wanting to know details of the event. One detail that emerged was a musical performance by the groom himself. Many have shared the video of Junaid singing 'Kia Hua Tera Wada' by the late Mohammad Rafi to his friends and family.

His vocals garnered the praise of celebrities and netizens alike, who expressed their surprise at the revelation that Maryam's son can carry a tune. Actors Saboor Aly and Zoya Nasir couldn't help but comment a "wow" in response to the singing.

Actor Iffat Omar also responded with a desi "wah" in response.

Khadija Shah, the creative head of fashion label Elan, was all praises for the groom's soulful singing as well.

Actor and VJ Anoushey Ashraf couldn't help but like Junaid's rendition of Rafi's song, despite her political affiliations.

Singer Bilal Maqsood of the band Strings is clearly no fan of the PML-N either, but he gave Junaid "full marks" on his singing skills nonetheless.

Other netizens also took to Twitter to praise the performance and choice of song. "He sings too good," a user commented on Twitter whilst sharing the performance video.

"Junaid Safdar got some voice," another user tweeted cheerfully.

One user posted a rather tongue-in-cheek comment about Junaid's singing. "Watched Junaid Safdar singing an unhealthy amount of times. Send help," they wrote.

Junaid's voice seems to have achieved the impossible — it has earned the unanimous praise of netizens who momentarily set aside their political differences to agree on one single thing. Maybe Junaid Safdar singing Muhammad Rafi songs is what will finally bring peace to the political and social landscape of Pakistan. If that is truly the case, someone send him a mic and playlist as soon as possible.