Netizens celebrate Shahid Afridi as the KPL 2021 kicks off in Muzaffarabad

Published 07 Aug, 2021 12:30pm

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The final match will be played on August 17 and lots of people can't wait.

Photo: Rawalakot Hawks/Twitter
Photo: Rawalakot Hawks/Twitter

The Kashmir Premier League 2021Twenty20 tournament kicked off in Muzaffarabad Friday and Twitter users are pumped. One of the many reasons they're excited, though, is Shahid Afridi.

Here's the complete lineup of the players participating in the KPL.

The six-team event, which will continue till August 17, features Muzaffarabad Tigers, Rawalakot Hawks, Bagh Stallions, Mirpur Royals, Kotli Lions and Overseas Warriors. Overseas Warriors team will comprise Kashmiri players from overseas while the rest of the outfits will be representing different cities of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The matches are being played at the Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium.

Now while everyone's excited for the matches and some good cricket, there's one player who has everyone's hearts beating a little faster — Shahid Afridi.

The prolific cricketer retired from international cricket in 2017 but has been playing in the PSL. Clearly, that wasn't enough for fans.

People are calling him an ambassador for Kashmir.

He's still got the ability to pull in massive crowds.

There were high expectations for Boom Boom.

And he didn't disappoint

Nothing has changed, said Twitter users.

He's just the same old Afridi.

People watching the matches saw that the passion for cricket has swept Muzaffarabad.

Some even spotted Virat Kohli on the field, or maybe it was just Ahmed Shehzad with a new look.

Speaking of Shehzad, a lot of people were praising his performance too.

Are you excited for the KPL?