Twitter celebrates Pakistan's T20I win over England with lots of memes

Twitter celebrates Pakistan's T20I win over England with lots of memes

There were a lot of jokes made but the ones that were especially unfunny were the ones fat shaming Azam Khan.
Updated 17 Jul, 2021

When it comes to the Pakistan cricket team, the only world to describe them is unpredictable. After an ODI series loss to England, the men in green bounced back with a 31-run win in the first Twenty20 International at Trent Bridge on Friday.

Not only did the team win, it also made the highest ever total the country has made in a T20I.

Twitteratti were elated and we can't blame them.

For some people, seeing the team back in action meant it had secured a place in their hearts again.

Of course England might not be as happy to see the Pakistanis performing well.

Especially with the way the batsmen treated their bowlers.

But the batsmen must be on top of the world.

The match itself was intense.

There were many moments in the match that made us laugh but nothing came close to this one that led to many, many memes being made.

The spectacular catch resulted in some funny and NSFW memes.

Twenty-one-year-old Muhammad Hasnain won hearts with his bowling.

So did Shaheen Afridi.

People poked fun at certain YouTubers who must be at a loss right now.

But while all these memes were funny and we enjoyed them, what we didn't enjoy was people fat shaming Azam Khan.

There were many arguments online that said they were questioning his fitness as an athlete rather than fat shaming him but there were an equal or greater number of posts literally fat shaming him and making fun of his weight.

This journalist rightly reminded everyone of the right time to question selections.

You don't need to make fun of people to have a good time. Make memes about the match but stop making fun of someone for their physical appearance. It isn't right and it isn't funny.