Remember when all anyone could talk about was Money Heist?

Especially when the latest season of the show - originally titled La Casa de Papel - came out, it was the top trending subject, even in Pakistan. Which is why it's difficult to imagine that this show was almost cancelled.

Screen writer Javier Gómez Santander told Spanish newspaper El Mundo that the series "was a failure, in Spain.

"Contrary to what it seems, the life of the series is the story of a failure. Antena 3 cut the number of planned chapters. The series maintained decent figures, but nothing special... The feeling was not flattering and I was already thinking about the next projects of the producer."

It was when Netflix bought the series - for two dollars - that the show got its future.

According to Left Bank Pictures head Andy Harries, "Literally, three months [after it was scrapped], this show that had been cancelled in Spain was bought by Netflix for literally two dollars... They bunged it out without any promotion and within two weeks, the thing was number one around the world."

Good thing Netflix did what it did, considering how Money Heist got so much love from around the globe! That too without any promotion of the show itself!