'We’ll fight for you and what you believed in': Mariyam Nafees posts an emotional tribute to Noor Mukadam

'We’ll fight for you and what you believed in': Mariyam Nafees posts an emotional tribute to Noor Mukadam

The actor posted a heartfelt note to express support for Mukadam and every other woman left unprotected by state and society.
26 Jul, 2021

Actor and model Mariyam Nafees recently took to Instagram to share some thoughts after attending a vigil held for the late Noor Mukadam in Islamabad on July 25. Mukadam was brutally murdered in Islamabad on July 21.

She posted a picture of herself lighting a candle at the vigil alongside a long note addressed to Mukadam herself. "Noor, I had a lot to say for the last five days and now that I’m here at the vigil held for you, I don’t know what to say because nothing I say will bring you back," the actor wrote.

"I can’t even say “sorry, we couldn’t protect you” — been saying that quite often lately and situation just keeps getting worse. One by one, we’re ending up becoming a hashtag begging for justice.

"Somebody just told me that your mom kept saying: 'Allah ke hawalay' (I leave it to Allah), 'Allah ke hawalay' (I leave it to Allah) at your funeral. Unbelievably brave of her to say that at her bright 27-year-old daughter’s funeral. She’s right. She said those things because truly there’s no greater power than Allah and nobody serves justice like He does."

The actor wrote on to express her lack of faith in Pakistan's justice system. "To tell you the truth, I don’t have much faith in this system," she said. "I’m scared. I’m scared for my mother, my sister, every single daughter of my country to the point that I’m scared for my dog too," she said.

"Thinking about your last moments gives me shivers. My heart aches for you and your family. We’re thinking about you, praying for you and we’ll fight for you and what you believed in!"

In the end Nafees said she is "hoping and praying that these recent heinous murders become the wind of change this country desperately needs."

The actor also shared a picture of Mukadam's final resting place as well as a social media post that describes a timeline of reported rape, kidnapping and murder acts committed by men against several women since July.