A photo of Ali Sethi smashing gender norms is just what we needed to make our day 100 times better

A photo of Ali Sethi smashing gender norms is just what we needed to make our day 100 times better

Ali Sethi in a skirt paired with combat boots and face jewels? Yes, please.
24 Jul, 2021

Do you ever think about how unfair it is that Ali Sethi has so many talents and just when we thought he has reached his talent capacity, he shows us a new, exciting side of himself?

He's a singer and an icon of men's fashion in Pakistan. His quirky style along with his love for bling and all things colourful makes him an icon that truly stands out from the crowd when it comes to music and jazzing up a basic style look.

His recent Instagram post is no different. Sethi posted a promo for his upcoming music video and proved once again that there's nothing stopping him from exploring new ways of expressing himself.

After experimenting with funky shoes, jackets laden with bling and statement accessories, the 'Ishq' singer has now blessed us with face jewels, quirky rings and a skirt paired with a blazer.

"CHAMAN (چمن): garden, nest, refuge. A place where outlaws sleep, and forbidden lovers meet," he wrote in his caption.

In the picture, Sethi is wearing a black blazer, what looks like a navy blue velvet shirt underneath and a black midi skirt complete with combat boots. His jewellery comprises rings that spell out his name in Urdu and another ring that says 'Mashallah'.

Jewels have been used to create flowers blooming from the inner corners of his eyes while wings have been created using silver jewels on the outer corners.

Sethi is no stranger to challenging gender norms and we love his outfit more for what it stands for than for what it looks like (though we love what it looks like too). The outfit says: I'm confident, I'm comfortable and I'm going to wear what I want, and that's something we all need to shout loudly and proudly.

It's no secret that toxic masculinity has repressed men's fashion and their creative sides for far too long and we're glad Sethi chose to wear what he wants without caring about what people will say. People often criticise men in Pakistan for making wild fashion choices but we'd all probably be far happier if we didn't let 'what will people say' dictate how we dress and act.