The Islamabad airport's false ceiling is collapsing and Twitter can't stop with the jokes

Published 20 Jul, 2021 11:00am

Images Staff

What else can you do when a Rs150b airport can't withstand rain?

If you thought Karachi rain was bad, wait till you hear about Islamabad and its brand new airport. Sections of the false ceiling at the airport collapsed on Monday after heavy rainfall in the twin cities.

The rainwater poured down from the ceilings above several counters, including immigration, and caused computers and other equipment to malfunction.

CAA staff stood by helplessly as parts of the ceiling came crashing down due to the weight of water.

This isn't even the first time the airport has suffered rain damage. A major portion of the false ceiling at the airport’s international departure and concourse hall collapsed during a downpour in August 2020.

Twitter had a field day with the collapsing ceiling and jokes began pouring in.

Singapore? No, no, this is Islamabad.

Karachi would like some water too.


Maybe it's a horror story.

ASMR: Islamabad style.

Why fix it when you have a bucket?

People thanked the Frontier Works Organisation for the free fountains.

And praised the airport for having free showers.

The airport was completed in May 2018 at a cost of Rs105 billion. It has two runways — each 12,000 feet long and 150 feet wide, taxiways and aprons for wide-body aircraft. It's no wonder people are annoyed — that's a lot of money to spend for ceilings that collapse every time it rains. An inquiry has been ordered into the incident and we hope something is done because this is quite embarrassing.